Cable Machine Exercises: One Arm Tricep Extension

The one arm tricep extension is a great exercise that can be especially beneficial for individuals interested in toning the muscles of the upper arm. If you have never used a cable machine before, you may want to consult with a gym employee or personal trainer in order to make sure you’re following basic guidelines when adjusting the cable machine.

Benefits of the One Arm Tricep Extension

The one arm tricep extension is a great strength training exercise which, as the name suggests, can be used to strengthen and increase muscle tone in the triceps. The triceps muscle is located on the back part of the upper arm, and is used to extend the elbow. Strengthening this muscle is not only important to help you perform daily activities with greater ease, but may actually be beneficial in helping you to achieve your weight loss goals due to an increase in your metabolic rate.

Positioning the Cable Machine

Before performing the one arm tricep extension, you must adjust the cable machine properly. To do this, carefully pull out the pin that holds the arm of the cable machine in place, and adjust the arm of the machine until it is set at the highest possible position. Securely place the pin of the cable machine back in place. Clear the floor surrounding the cable machine of any pieces of equipment that could potentially interfere with the performance of the exercise.

Performing the One Arm Tricep Extension

Now that your workstation has been properly set up, you can perform the one arm tricep extension. Start the exercise by grabbing the handle of the arm of the cable machine with your right hand. Pull the handle down, bringing your elbow to your ribcage. Rotate your hand so your palm is facing the ground. Use the tricep muscles to extend your elbow, straightening your elbow and pushing your hand (and the handlebar of the cable machine) toward the ground. Once you can no longer straighten your arm any further, relax it back to the original position. Repeat this maneuver until you have performed 10 repetitions. Take a short break, and do another set of 10 reps. Repeat the exercise with your opposite arm for the same number of sets.

Increasing the Intensity

If you are interested in increasing the intensity of the one arm tricep extension, a great way to do so is by closing your eyes. This forces you to engage the muscles of your core (including the abdominal, oblique and glute muscles) in order to maintain your balance, thereby resulting in a more challenging exercise.


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