Cable Machine Exercises: One Arm Bicep Curl

The cable one arm bicep curl is a great exercise for you if you are familiar with the basic, dumbbell version of this exercise, and are looking for something a bit more challenging. Research has found that even minor changes to strength training exercise is a great way to boost intensity, as well as to prevent possible athletic burnout from performing the same exercises over and over again.

Benefits of the Cable One Arm Bicep Curl

In order to determine whether or not the one arm bicep curl is right for you, you must understand the benefits of the exercise. The cable one arm bicep curl is a great exercise for people who are interested in increasing muscular strength and mass in the biceps muscle, which is located on the front of the upper arm. Research has found that performing this exercise with one arm at a time helps to ensure correct form, and provides better overall results than when both arms are performing the curl at the same time.

Preparing for the Cable One Arm Bicep Curl

For best results with the cable one arm bicep curl, you must be sure that the cable machine is set correctly. No matter what brand of cable machine you are using, each one will have a set of pins that holds each of the cable arms in place. Pull this pin out, and swing one of the arms until it is at the lowest possible setting, with the arms reaching towards the ground. Be sure that the pin is positioned back in place in order to prevent any potential injury.

Performing the Cable One Arm Bicep Curl

To perform the cable one arm bicep curl, start by grabbing the handle of the cable machine with your right hand. Rotate your wrist so that the palm of your hand is facing the sky. Allow your arm to hang loosely in front of your body, with your feet planted firmly on the ground and toes facing forward. Finally, be sure that you are standing as tall as possible when performing the exercise. During exhalation of a deep breath, use the biceps muscle to bend your elbow, bringing the handle of the cable arm and your hand up towards your shoulder. Once you can bring the handle no higher, inhale deeply, and relax your arm back to its original position. Do another nine repetitions of the exercise, rest, and perform one more set of ten repetitions.

Increasing the Intensity of the One Arm Bicep Curl

In order to increase the intensity of the one arm bicep curl, try performing the exercise while standing on a bosu. This is a piece of exercise equipment that provides an unstable work surface, and requires users to incorporate the use of their core muscles while performing the exercise, thus adding a new challenge.


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