Cable Machine Exercises: Hammer Curls

The cable hammer curlis a great exercise that can be performed by almost anyone, regardless of their strength or athletic ability. This exercise requires the use of a cable machine, which is a piece of exercise equipment with move-able arms that can be altered for use in a number of different exercises. As with any piece of exercise equipment, if you have questions on proper technique, be sure to ask a gym employee for help.

Benefits of the Cable Hammer Curl

The cable hammer curl is a variation of the basic bicep curl that is performed on a cable machine. Unlike the traditional bicep curl, which is performed with the palms facing upwards, the hammer curl is performed with the palms facing each other. Rotating the palms in this exercise forces the bicep muscles to work in a different and unexpected manner, thereby producing greater results than if the basic version of the exercise was repeatedly performed.

Setting the Cable Machine for the Cable Hammer Curl

One of the most important parts of performing the cable hammer curl properly is ensuring that the cable machine has been set in the appropriate manner. To do this, lower the arms of the cable machine until they are on the last setting, and reach directly towards the ground. Make sure that the pegs of the cable machine are set securely in their slots in order to prevent slippage of the machine and any possible injury. If you have questions regarding how to set the cable machine, do not hesitate to ask a gym employee for help.

How to Perform the Cable Hammer Curl

Now that the machine is set properly, you can begin to perform the cable hammer curl. Start by facing the cable machine with your feet planted firmly on the ground and spaced around one foot apart from each other. Hold one of the handles of the cable machine in each hand, with your palms rotated and facing each other, as described above. At this point, your arms should be relaxed, with your hands near your thighs. Exhale deeply, and bend your elbows, bringing your hands and the handles of the cable machine towards your shoulders. Once you can lift the handles no higher, relax your arms and inhale your breath, lowering the handles back to their original position. Continue the exercise until you have performed ten repetitions of the exercise. Rest for a brief moment, and perform another set of the exercise.

Increasing the Intensity of the Cable Hammer Curl

A great way to make the cable hammer curl more difficult is by standing on one foot during its performance. Doing so requires that you shift your body weight around to find the correct balance, thereby forcing you to rely on your core muscle more fully. Be sure to switch the leg you are standing on at the start of each new set of this exercise in order to maintain the best sense of overall balance.


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