Cable Machine Exercises: Cable Trunk Twist

One popular exercise that uses a cable machine is the cable trunk twist. This exercise helps to strengthen your lower back and abdominal muscles. This is a great maneuver to add to any exercise routine.

Performing the Cable Trunk Twist

To make sure the machine is properly adjusted to your body, you might want to test it a little before beginning your routine. Start by standing with your back to the cable machine. Space your feet about one foot away from each other with your toes forward, reach out both arms, and grab one of the cable handles. If the machine is properly suited to your body, then one of your arms should be stretched across your upper body and your torso should be slightly twisted.

Relax your body and return to a position where you are faced completely forward. Breath deeply for a moment to begin a rhythym, then watch as you exhale and turn so your torso is twisted. Make sure you keep your arms straight. Bring your body back to the starting position with your torso straight and your body faced forward.

Now that you’ve done one repetition, it is time to do it more times. Repeat this maneuver at least 10 times and then take a short break. Do at least two more sets, and then do three sets on the opposite side of your body. For example, if during the first three repetitions you moved towards your right side, then the final three will have you moving towards your left side.

Muscles Targeted

Though this exercise is specifically designed to enhance your oblique and abdominal muscles, it can also help to increase muscle tone and strength in your lower back muscles as well. People who are looking for a great abdominal workout will love this exercise, and those looking for a little extra help recovering from a lower back injury will benefit from this workout as well.

Safety and Proper Use

If you want to perform the cable trunk twist properly and efficiently, then you have to set up the equipment right first. Take one of the arms of the cable machine and move it so that it is at the height of your shoulders.

Increasing Intensity

If you want to amp up the exercise a bit, then you may be looking to make it a little more difficult. One way to make it harder is to try doing it with your eyes closed. This forces your body to work harder, which increases the intensity of the workout for you. If that is not enough for you, then you can do more repetitions in each set. A final little kick would be to add a Bosu ball into your workout.

The cable trunk twist is the perfect maneuver to add to any exercise routine and can be performed by anybody who can get their hands on a cable machine. You can buy one online, or find one in your local gym or health club.


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