Cabbage Soup Diet: Pros and Cons

The Cabbage Soup Diet is a 7-day diet plan that allows you to eat certain foods and as much cabbage soup as you want and still lose weight. The trick is to rigidly follow the diet; if you can do that, you could lose up to 10 pounds in one week.

The soup is made up of cabbage, tomatoes (canned is fine), green peppers, carrots, celery and onion, and you can add bouillon cubes, Lipton Onion Soup Mix or V8 for flavoring. You can season with herbs, spices, fresh or dried garlic, and salt and pepper, as desired.

The Diet in a Nutshell

Throughout the week, you eat as much cabbage soup as you like, and you’re required to eat it at least once every day. On day one, you eat as much fruit as you want, except bananas. On the second day, you eat as many vegetables as you can eat and a baked potato for dinner. On day three, eat fruit and vegetables. The fourth day is banana day; you eat as many bananas as you want and drink skim milk. The fifth day you eat beef and tomatoes. Day six you eat beef and vegetables. On the seventh day, you can have brown rice and fruit juices.


If you stick with the diet, you will lose weight. The foods you eat when following the Cabbage Soup Diet are designed to flush your system—cabbage is diuretic and so are many kinds of foods you can eat such as tomatoes, asparagus and Brussels sprouts.

The eating plan includes a lot of food that is high in fiber. Fiber in your diet helps remove waste from your intestinal tract.
The diet is low fat, so if your cholesterol is a bit high, you might also benefit from dropping a few LDL (bad) cholesterol points.

On the Cabbage Soup Diet, you can eat as much as you want; in fact, the idea is to stuff yourself with the day’s food recommendation so you don’t get hungry. It helps that you’re getting a lot of fiber, which keeps you feeling full.


Some people report feeling lightheaded or weak using the Cabbage Soup Diet. This could be from dehydration. Many of the foods you eat are diuretic, meaning they increase urine output. The best way to combat this is to drink lots of water.

The cabbage soup is delicious, but eating it several times a day for a week can old. The Cabbage Soup Diet is a seven-day plan and you really shouldn’t follow it longer than a week, so it’s not suitable for long-term weight loss. This eating plan is not the best option for vegans or vegetarians. On days five and six you eat beef—and lots of it. You can substitute chicken (boneless, skinless), but can’t replace the beef with vegan options.

Many dieters gain the weight back (and sometimes more!) after following the Cabbage Soup Diet because the weight loss comes from the flushing of fluids and waste from the body, not from the loss of fat.


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