Buy Protein Online: The Best Products On The Web

If you are looking for ways to increase the benefits of your workouts, you may want to buy protein online. There are several to choose from, and researching from your computer allows you to shop at your convenience.  Plus, some of the best protein products are only found online. 

Whey Protein

One of the best products to look for, in terms of powder or shakes, is something that contains whey protein in the ingredient list.  Whey protein is soluble and easy to digest; one of the richest sources of protein available.  Not that all whey is the same.  You should make sure the product contains whey protein isolate. 

Whey protein isolate contains little or no fat or lactose and is 90% pure protein.  For women, this will help increase metabolic rates for weight loss, while increasing lean muscle mass.  Whey protein also assists with healthy aging and to prevent osteoporosis. 

You can find whey protein in a variety of products including:

  • snack bars
  • shakes
  • powder formulas 
  • supplements

Soy Protein

While less desirable than whey protein, soy protein is still beneficial.  Some soy protein benefits are that it can aid in lowering cholesterol, help regulate hormones, help prevent certain cancers, and promote general well-being in the digestive tract. 

Soy protein isolate, the purest form containing the most protein, can be found in many products including:

  • powder
  • protein bars
  • shakes 
  • supplements

Casein Protein

Casein protein is a milk protein.  You can obtain this through drinking milk, but in its more optimum form, it is best to take as a supplement or powder.  Casein protein is the slowest digesting protein and is best taken before bed.  It is the most anabolic and has a slow release of amino acids to the body.   

Egg Protein

You might wonder why this is on the list when eggs are readily available.  Well, to gain the most from egg protein, which has long been touted among bodybuilders, there are forms of egg protein which only contain the egg whites and can be found in powder form. 

There are literally hundreds of resources for buying protein online.  First you have to learn which products your body can tolerate and benefit from the most.  The best protein products to buy online are powder and supplemental in form, and they can vary greatly in cost.


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