Butt Exercises: Take It Outdoors!

Butt exercises do not have to be limited to the gym or your living room floor. Outdoor activities offer numerous fun ways to exercise the buttocks muscles. Stair climbing, hiking, swimming, mountain climbing and sand dune walking are all excellent ways to strengthen your buttocks muscles while enjoying fresh air and beautiful scenery. These exercises strengthen not only your butt muscles but also the muscles in your legs and hips.

Stair Climbing

You will want to ease into a new outdoor routine. If you choose to climb stairs, which is an excellent way to tone the butt muscles, you may want to start off with a small number of stairs and build from there. You might climb 50 stairs your first time, for example, and then add a few steps in each additional workout. Challenge yourself each time, but make sure that you’re also enjoying it enough to keep at it regularly.

With outdoor activities, always pay close attention to your breathing. If a new activity feels taxing on the body, there may be a tendency to hold your breath. If you’re exercising in an outdoor environment where the air is crisp and clean, this is an excellent opportunity to breathe deeply and regularly to oxygenate your cells.


Bodies of water present excellent environments for exercising the buttocks. If you live near the ocean, a lake or a bay, swimming is an excellent form of exercise for the entire body. To work your butt muscles, you might use a floatation aid such as a flutterboard and concentrate on kicking your legs only. This will work your buttocks, hips and legs.

Sand Dune Walking

Beaches give you access to sand dunes. If you have ever tried to walk a long distance on a sandy beach, you probably know the amount of strength needed to carry your body a long distance. Walking through sand is an excellent way to work your buttocks muscles. Set realistic goals for how far you will walk. Try to challenge yourself each time and walk a further distance every time you’re out.

Hiking and Mountain Climbing

Hiking and mountain climbing are invigorating ways to exercise outdoors. Moving on an incline uses your buttocks muscles. If you’re not accustomed to hiking or climbing, start walking on flat land, incorporating squats and lunges. As your muscles strengthen, add hiking up a small hill to your exercise routine. Over time, you will experience greater strength and will see yourself capable of hiking a bigger hill each time. You may even find yourself motivated to climb a mountain as your body strengthens.

Outdoor environments are a natural mood enhancer. The fresh air and beautiful scenery are an exhilarating addition to your workout routine. Whether you’re swimming in a lake, hiking up a trail, walking through a sand dune or climbing up stairs, you will benefit from butt exercises that not only tone your muscles but also energize you.


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