Burn Tummy Fat with Core Exercises

Do you want to burn tummy fat and tighten up your abs so you’ll feel great in your old favorite jeans?

Exercising is a major part of keeping your midsection toned, but it’s important to remember that if you don’t eat correctly, exercise alone will not give you a perfectly flat stomach. So with a combination of a low calorie, high protein diet and these core exercises, you’ll be looking in the mirror thinking you are a one hot chica!

The Roll-Up with a Ball

Lay flat on the floor with your arms overhead holding a light exercise ball. One vertebrae at a time, slowly lift yourself up starting with your neck. Make sure to keep your abs flexed inward, and breathe out as your lifting yourself up. Then lower yourself down one vertebrae at a time, bringing the ball overhead, and repeat.

Planks with a Crunch

Lay on your side, while leaning on your arm that is bent at 90 degrees and your legs extended with your feet stacked (your back and legs should be straight). Lift your side up so it is not touching the ground, along with your calf. Put your top hand behind your head. Then crunch inward, where your elbow faces the ground, as you breathe out. Return to starting position and repeat. Afterward, switch sides.

Upward Leg Press

Lay flat on your back, with your hands behind your head (for an easier exercise, put hands under your buttocks). Lift your legs so your heels are facing the ceiling. Then breathe out as you push your heels towards the ceiling, while keeping your knees slightly bent, your eyes looking up and your elbows parallel with the floor. Return to the starting position, and repeat.

Cross-Body Leg Lifts

Lay flat on the floor, with your arms extended to the sides. Lift your legs to make a 90 degree angle with your body. While keeping your legs together and a slight bend at the knee, lower them to the left side. Make sure to keep your core straight and your shoulders on the ground.  Breathe out as your lowering your legs, then return to the starting position, and lower them to the right side. Repeat on each side.

Side Knee Lifts

Stand shoulder width apart with your shoulders back. Place your right hand behind your head and your left hand relaxed at your side. As you breathe out, lift your right knee up while bringing your right elbow down so they will meet in the middle. Then return to the starting position and repeat. After your reps, switch to the other side.

Don’t forget to do cardio and weight training with these exercises to see maximum results, while maintaining a nutritious meal plan. And keep in mind that good posture throughout the day can also have a positive impact for a flatter tummy.


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