Burn Stomach Fat In 12 Minutes

If you are looking to find ways to burn stomach fat, you are definitely not alone. However, if you have tried to research how you can go about getting rid of belly fat, then you’ve come across a wide range of products, diets, pills, and even scams claiming to get rid of your love handles in minutes (most of which do not work and all of which are overpriced).

It seems that the only real way to tackle that flab around your waist is to join a gym, and hire an expensive personal trainer, right? Wrong. There are some simple exercises you can take advantage of to start burning stomach fat in just 12 minutes, and you don’t have to solely rely on those painful ab workouts. If you do not have 12 minutes to dedicate to losing that belly fat, then you may as well just sit back on the couch and have another beer because those love handles will not be going anywhere fast. However, if you are committed to looking better (and losing that extra jiggle), follow this quick 12 minute workout, and get ready to burn stomach fat like a pro.

Burn Stomach Fat Step #1

Start out by running on the spot or doing simple jumping jacks. The key here is intensity. Try to run or jump, doing whichever exercise you feel most comfortable with, for two to three minutes as fast you can. Keep your body moving, focus on your form, and keep that heart rate up.

Burn Stomach Fat Step #2

After you have got your heart rate going, move onto the next step, which is referred to as the Mule Kick. Stand in an upright position with your feet touching each other side by side. Try and jump up as high as you can, and kick your backside. Essentially you will look like a mule trying to kick someone of of its back. It may look ridiculous, but keep this exercise up for a good three minutes, and it can really burn calories and focus in on those love handles.

Burn Stomach Fat Step #3

For the next two minutes, you are going to get in touch with a good old-fashioned friend of yours: push ups. Drop down and try to do as many push ups as you can within two minutes. Make sure you have the form down properly, lower yourself as far down to the ground as you can go, and keep up the pace. You are over half way done and well on your way to burning lots of stomach fat so keep it up.

Burn Stomach Fat Step #4

For the next step, you are going to go back to the running on the spot or jumping jacks exercise. Complete the exercise just as you did at the start of this routine, except just aim for two minutes, not three. You may feel exhausted at this point, but keep up the intensity and stay focused.

Burn Stomach Fat Step #5

For the last two minutes of this fat burning workout, you need to get on a stationary bike and pedal as fast as you can, on the hardest level you can maintain. You are guaranteed to want to slow down at this point, but this last step is crucial for your success. Pedal to the max and go for it, as you envision that smaller, toned stomach that is in your future.

And there you have it. You now know how to burn fat with just a simple, easy to follow, 12 minute routine. Health and fitness doesn’t have to mean dedicating hours a day to your body, or hiring a personal trainer. Little changes and small, intense workouts can go a long way in shaping up your body, improving your look, and making you feel better.


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