Burn Fat Quickly with the Cookie Diet

One of the latest diet crazes promises that you’ll be able to burn fat quickly by eating mainly cookies. The Cookie Diet focuses on lowering overall consumption and caloric intake by drastically limiting the assortment of foods you eat. But can this diet help you take off weight? How can eating cookies possibly take weight off as opposed to putting it on?

How the Diet Works

The Cookie Diet allows you to eat six prepackaged cookies per day, along with one meal consisting of six ounces of lean meat (chicken, turkey, fish or seafood only) and one cup of mixed vegetables. There are three companies that produce these cookies (Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet, Smart for Life and Hollywood Cookie Diet), and all three versions focus on providing high quantities of fiber, protein and amino acids. This makeup acts as a natural appetite suppressant, giving you the feeling of being full for longer than a regular cookie that would be higher in sugar and carbohydrates.

The diet works, then, simply by limiting the number of calories you’re taking in, consisting of approximately 800 calories per day. Since, on average, you need between 1600 and 2000 calories per day to get by, creating such a deficit guarantees quick results.

Does It Work?

The diet will work if you’re willing to limit yourself to its stringent rules. Since these cookies are lower in sugar and higher in fiber and protein, they will keep you fuller over a longer period of time (something Oreos won’t do). However, keep in mind that they won’t taste like Chips Ahoy cookies either. Even Dr. Sanford Siegal, the originator of this diet, has admitted that his version of the cookies don’t taste particularly good, being more akin to a protein bar than a chocolate chip cookie. That being said, if you’re willing to stick it out, you should begin to get results almost immediately.

Things to Consider

Staying true to this diet for a long period of time would not only be unpleasant palate-wise, it could also cause some medical complications. Dr. Siegal himself notes that this diet is not meant to be a long-term solution, but more of a short-term stopgap. Since the diet provides little in the way of vitamins and nutritional nourishment that help maintain overall health, staying with it could possibly be detrimental. However, if you’re just trying to fit into that revealing dress you were planning to wear to an upcoming wedding, the Cookie Diet will help you slim down quickly and effectively. However, don’t expect the weight to stay off once you start back to eating normally again.

Low calorie diets typically result in an initial spurt of weightloss due mainly to a loss of fluids in the body. Therefore, once these start to get replenished, you might find that the weight comes back as quickly as it came off. Also of note is that this diet was first developed to test for thyroid problems. If the dieter failed to lose weight after being on the diet for up to three weeks, it was a sign that the thyroid, which influences the metabolism, wasn’t functioning properly. So, if you’re on the diet and find that the weight isn’t coming off, it might be a sign that your thyroid may be slowing down your metabolism, and thus your ability to lose weight.


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