Burger King Nutrition: Why You Should Avoid It

As fast food restaurants add more healthy options, is Burger King nutrition worth choosing? McDonalds began the healthy trend years ago with their salad shakers, and Burger King is now making efforts to also attract healthy eaters. Other fast food joints have joined this healthy movement, and even Starbucks is in on the action with sugar-free syrups, whole wheat crackers, and yogurt parfaits.

Healthy Options at Burger King

Below are some healthier options available at Burger King:

Kids menu:

  • apple fries – raw apples sliced to look like french fries

  • low fat milk

  • Minute Maid orange juice

  • Minute Maid apple juice

Regular menu:

  • garden salad

  • side salad

  • TenderGrill Chicken garden salad

  • veggie burger

  • Ken’s light italian dressing

Why Burger King Nutrition Should Be Avoided

There are very few healthy options from which to choose. With three different salad options, they have only one dressing option that is light or low fat and calories.

All of the healthier food options still feature some amount of saturated fats–even the salads.

There are no main dishes, on the kids menu, that are low fat, low calories or low sugar. All of the choices, except for the mac and cheese, are fried.

All of the grains featured are white flour, and with the exception of the apples, all food options are too high in sodium for anyone watching their sodium intake (or with high blood pressure concerns).

Food quality has seen no improvements. Even with vegetable choices like salads and healthier proteins like chicken, nutrition depends on quality–freshness and lean proteins. With a low turnover in these healthier choices, the freshness is debatable, and organic or “natural” protein choices are doubtful.

There are some fast food options that can be healthy choices, but it’s up to you as the consumer to make informed choices. Traditional fast food like Hardees and Taco Bell are still not very nutritious choices, but by choosing the fresher, “lite” choices, you can up the nutrition and downplay the unhealthy ingredients.


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