Building the Optimum Nutrition Plan for You

There are many resources online to help you build an optimum nutrition plan that will work to help you lose weight and feel great. By providing your body with the nutrients it needs, you are fueling it with the power to get through long days and excel physically when working out. By combining the diet plans and general healthy eating knowledge, you can easily build a nutrition plan that your body will love. A great place to start your planning and research is on the USDA’s website. Here’s how:

Step 1: Check the Food Pyramid

Review the USDA’s food pyramid chart to get an idea of which foods and food groups you should be eating from daily. Pay special attention to the pyramid’s special tips that include things like making half of your daily grains whole grains, focusing on fruit, varying your vegetables, and eating lean proteins. Jot down any notes that interest you or print out the pyramid for quick reference later.

Step 2: Create An Account

Create a user name and password on the USDA’s My Pyramid website and log into the site. Here there are many easy options where you can both track your daily intake of foods and receive comprehensive free meal plans that can help you plan your diet. Begin by going to the Menu Planning area. There you can enter your height, weight and age to determine if you are within a healthy range.

Step 3: Choose Foods

Type in a food in the search box to search for recipes and begin planning out your meals based on these healthy recipes. The chart on the right side of the screen will make a graph of your different food group intake to make sure you are including enough foods from all categories in your daily diet plan. The program will also ensure that you are reaching and not exceeding the daily recommended caloric intake for your body. Create a few meals plans to determine what is necessary to create a healthy diet for you. You may be surprised by all the options and choices of food you can include that constitute a healthy diet.

Step 4: Track Your Progress

Once you have arranged a few meal plans, go over to the My Pyramid Tracker area of the website and begin tracking what you actually eat every day. By making a note of all the foods you eat and seeing how they all add up throughout the day, you are more likely to stay on track to healthy eating. If you are not meeting your daily requirements of certain food groups, the tool will show you this and you can make the adjustments as needed to meet the requirements and get a healthy well-balanced meal.

Plan your meals and track what you are eating for a period of a couple weeks to see how your diet stacks up over time. Make adjustments as necessary to put you within the recommended range, and then begin planning your diet like this going forward. Search online for good recipes using your new knowledge of balanced eating and plan your way to a healthier diet and trimmer figure.


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