Brown Bagging made easier with Fit n Fresh

Until recently, lunch wasn’t a problem because I worked from a home office. Now that I’m out in the real world, lunch has become a real problem. Dining out isn’t the wisest move, and brown bagging has it’s limitations. I have visited a blog called Vegan Lunch Box that includes the neatest little packages of lunch within Japanese bento boxes. They are filled with compartments for a variety of foods, and it looked like lunch would never be boring. But I wanted something a little more advanced than a bento box.

I recently found Fit n Fresh kits which offer a solution to nearly every brown bag problem. Fit n Fresh kits include several single serving containers to hold different foods, a chill pack to keep it all cold and safe, and an outer container that holds it all together as well as creates a serving dish. There’s a Salad Shaker with a fork and salad dispenser, Deluxe Lunch Chiller, Lunch on the Go, Fruit and Veggie Bowl, Soup Container with a spoon, a Breakfast Chiller, and a variety of single serving containers with chill packs.

I wanted them all, but I bought the Salad Shaker, Deluxe Lunch Chiller, and the Fruit and Veggie Bowl. I was impressed with the sizes of the individual containers which made portion control easy. The ice packs are thin disks, shaped like the kit it was designed for, and intended to be frozen before use. The salad kit is particularly nice because the dressing dispenser is built into the lid, holds a quarter cup of dressing, and you just turn a knob to release it into the salad and shake to combine. It’s so easy and does away with the mess! The Deluxe Lunch Chiller is also fantastic, and the top portion doubles as a storage bin for flatware, napkins, etc. I’ve used the Fruit and Veggie bowl for hummus and veggies, different pickles and olives, and more. The individual compartments guarantee that your peas will never touch your carrots.

If brown-bagging is difficult for you, you might consider a Fit n Fresh lunch kit. You can purchase them in stores, or online at Amazon and Fresh Approach.


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