Breast Cancer – Can Food Influence My Risk?

While it’s clear that fruits and vegetables play a significant role in the fight against cancer, mounting evidence suggests a possible breast cancer food link with some foods.

Studies are on-going and not yet conclusive enough to mark certain foods as breast cancer-causing. However, medical professionals agree that avoiding foods that increase cancer-promoting effects on the body, especially if your in a high-risk category, is a good way to minimize your breast cancer risks. If you’re already fighting cancer, chemo foods (simple, healthy foods thats appeal to the taste buds) will also help fight the cancer.

Fats to Avoid

Although healthy fats have beneficial properties our bodies need, they should be consumed in moderation, as a low fat diet is still optimal. Avoid unhealthy fats like:

  • animal fats
  • saturated fats
  • trans fats

Dairy Products to Avoid

Some studies indicate dairy products may increase breast cancer risks. However, since research is not complete, medical professionals suggest sticking to low-fat, nutritious dairy products in moderation (instead of eliminating dairy altogether). Switching to soy products is not strongly recommended, since some evidence indicates soy products can increase existing breast cancer tumors. 

Alcohol in Moderation

There are at least 50 different studies that link alcohol to an increase in breast cancer risk. Limit you intake to 2 or less drinks a day. 

Meat Products to Limit

There is some evidence that cured/processed meat products also increase your chances of breast cancer. If you decide to eat hot dogs, bacons, or cold cuts, look for products that are roasted or naturally cured with non-carcinogenic processes.

Organic meats, fruits, and vegetables are better choices for reducing cancer risks.


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