Brazil Nut Health Benefits and Information

Like mostother varieties of nut, the Brazil nut is known for providing a healthy dose of protein and beneficial types of fat. This nut also has a wide range of benefits over other types of nuts as well, making it one of the best nuts to include in virtually any diet.

While Brazil nuts are rich in calories and fat, they provide a wide assortment of health benefits that can help to prevent cancer, heart disease, thyroid problems and much more. Brazil nuts are commonly found in South American cooking and may be included in a variety of different dishes. They can be substituted for almonds or cashews in most dishes for a unique flavor and nutrient benefit as well.

Brazil Nut Overview

Brazil nuts are rich in monounsaturated fats. These fats are very healthy in somewhat small doses. Unlike saturated and other types of fats, monounsaturated fats actually work to raise the levels of your good cholesterol. They are therefore the types of fats that your body requires on a daily basis and which help to keep you healthy. Still, having too much of any type of fat can potentially be bad, and these fats are still loaded with calories and can contribute to weight gain if you do not eat Brazil nuts in moderation.

One of the primary benefits of Brazil nuts is the fact that it contains a huge amount of selenium. This relatively obscure element is a mineral that is required in minute doses by your body. It has many different antioxidant effects; although selenium is itself not an antioxidant, it is a staple component in several important antioxidants. Antioxidants help to keep your body systems flowing smoothly and also work to prevent cell damage that is caused by rogue oxygen molecules. This process can help to prevent cancer if continued thoroughly and properly over the course of your lifetime.

Other Brazil Nut Benefits

Selenium is also associated with healthy thyroid functioning. Your thyroid gland is a dramatically important part of your body that is responsible for creating a number of different ormones. These hormones help to regulate a number of different systems in your body, including your metabolism, your digestion, your growth and much more. Without an adequate dose of selenium in your daily food and mineral intake, you will not be able to produce these hormones as you should, and these various systems may suffer as a result.

Brazil nuts should be enjoyed in moderation; the fats and selenium that they provide are both not necessary in large amounts for your continued good health. Additionally, because the nuts are rich in calories and don’t provide any other essential nutrients, they are not considered to be a staple food group and will only lead to gains in weight if you eat too many of them.

For more information about Brazil nuts and how to healthily include them in your regular diet, speak with a doctor or a nutritionist.


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