Bosu Exercises: Weight Plate Front Raise

The Bosu is a wonderful piece of exercise equipment that can be added in to virtually every free weight exercise that you’re likely to do from a standing position. It can also be incorporated into a variety of other exercises. Because it adds in the element of balance to each of these exercises, it helps to improve concentration and can work different muscle groups.

Bosu exercises like the weight plate front raise are moderate to advanced versions of the same exercises when they’re done without a Bosu for added support. Standing on top of the Bosu, which is like an exercise ball top affixed to a flat base, is akin to adding in the balancing section of an exercise into a movement that might not otherwise require balancing. Read on for a guide to doing the weight plate front raise on a Bosu.

Weight Plate Front Raise Basics

Get into the basic preparatory position for the Bosu weight plate front raise. This requires that you place the Bosu in a flat, open area and that you stand up on it. Place both feet on the Bosu and ensure that they are parallel to each other. Do not lock your knees. As you get up onto the Bosu, hold on to a weight plate with both hands. Your grip should be like that of a steering wheel, with both hands on either side at the top portion of the weight plate. Hold the weight plate so that the plate itself is vertical and that your arms are slanted slightly downward toward the floor, with your elbows bent very slightly.

To execute the actual exercise, keep the remainder of your body still as you lift the weight plate up with both arms. Your gaze should remain forward and level; the goal is to raise the weight plate up high enough so that you can see through the hole in the center without shifting your gaze as you do so. Lower the weight plate back down to the resting position in order to complete one repetition of this exercise.

Safety and Injury Prevention

As with any other Bosu exercise, it’s a good idea to practice the weight plate front raise on your own before you try it with the Bosu. This will ensure that you’re comfortable with the basic exercise before you attempt to add in the element of balance to it. Be careful not to lock your elbows and knees, and don’t lift up with your back; isolate only your arms to lift. This will ensure that you get the maximum benefit for your arms and pectoral muscles.


You can do a full weight plate press at the top of the exercise for another benefit to other groups of arm and chest muscles as well, if you’re looking to incorporate another motion into the exercise.


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