Bosu Exercises: Upside Down Bosu Push-Ups

The Bosu is a very versatile piece of equipment that can be incorporated into a wide variety of different types of exercises. It’s similar in appearance to the top portion of an exercise ball that has been attached to a sturdy, flat base. The Bosu is typically use to incorporate an element of balance and core work into other types of exercises.

The Bosu push up is a great exercise for continuing to develop core muscles and upper arms. Technically, the upside down portion of the Bosu push up refers to the positioning of the Bosu ball itself, not to the positioning of your body. This exercise is relatively easy and can be done by most amateur athletes and exercisers.

Upside Down Bosu Push-Up Basics

The best way to begin this exercise is to place the Bosu upside down on a flat, open surface. This means that the flexible, rounded part of the Bosu will be on the ground and the flat base will be facing upright. Position yourself face down in front of the Bosu and hold onto the outer edges of the flat base with both hands. To get into the resting position, push your feet back and place your toes on the ground, holding yourself up by the Bosu and your two feet.

To execute the upside down Bosu push up, begin to do standard push ups from this position. Be careful to balance on the Bosu as you go. The Bosu will help to keep your body in proper form as you execute the push up. Lower yourself down toward the Bosu as far as you comfortably can and then push yourself back up to the resting position. This constitutes one repetition of the exercise; it’s common to do between 15 and 25 repetitions at any given time.

Safety and Injury Prevention

To prevent unnecessary and unwanted muscle strain, it’s good to keep your head up and your gaze forward as you work out. You should keep your stomach tucked in and your back flat and not stressed. This will help to avoid injury. Continue to breathe regularly as you work out for the best results in general. Should stretch before and after you work out and always stop the exercise if you feel unusual soreness or faintness.


The upside down Bosu push up can easily be modified to include a plank exercise as well. From the lowered position of the exercise, rest your elbows on the base of the Bosu and hold yourself in that lowered position. You can maintain this position for between 10 and 20 seconds before continuing with the push ups. This is a great way to continue to develop your core muscles in a different way as you work out with the standard push up exercise.


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