Bosu Exercises: Single Leg Toe Touch on Bosu

The single leg toe touch on a bosu is a difficult exercise that is also highly effective when done properly. This exercise requires the use of a bosu, which is typically found at most gyms, but can also be purchased at sporting goods or home improvement stores. Since no dumbbells are required during the performance of this exercise, it can be done either at the gym or in the comfort of your own home.

About the Single Leg Toe Touch on a Bosu

The single leg toe touch on a bosu is an extremely challenging exercise that should only be attempted by individuals who have already developed a high degree of core and lower body strength and are familiar with performing exercises on a bosu. Though a bosu can be a highly effective exercise tool when used properly, it can also lead to serious athlete injury when improper techniques are followed.

Basics of the Single Leg Toe Touch on a Bosu

The first step in performing this exercise properly involves placing a bosu on the ground in your exercise area. Step onto the bosu with both feet firmly planted under your hips. Stand tall, with your arms relaxed at your sides. Slowly and carefully, lift your left foot off the bosu, and extend it behind your body. You should now be balancing on the bosu with only your right foot. If needed, bring your arms out in front of your body in order to help maintain your balance.

Hold this pose for a few seconds until you have become familiar with the position of your body. Carefully bend from the waist, and drop your hands towards the ground. Use your fingers to touch the toe of your right foot. Once this has been done, carefully stand back up, using your core muscles to help maintain your balance. Perform this exercise ten times, and then switch to your other leg. Do another set of ten repetitions of the exercise on both legs in order to achieve optimal results.

Increasing the Intensity of the Exercise

As stated above, this exercise is extremely challenging and should therefore only be attempted by advanced exercisers. If you are interested in increasing the intensity, try closing your eyes during the performance of the exercise. Doing this makes the surface even more unstable, requiring participants to activate the muscles of the core even further. Be sure to have a spotter nearby when attempting this exercise for the first time.

Preventing Injury during the Exercise

Though a spotter can help in many cases during the performance of this exercise, you as an athlete must take responsibility for your own health and safety. Be sure that you feel comfortable performing other highly challenging exercises before attempting one such as this. In addition, ask for help if you have concerns about your ability to perform the exercise on your own.


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