Bosu Exercises: Single Leg Bosu Shoulder Press

A Bosu is a piece of exercise equipment that adds an element of balance and stability training to any other basic exercise. It is commonly incorporated into a variety of free weight exercises when they no longer pose a challenge to the exerciser. Therefore, it helps to make basic or easy exercises a bit more difficult, adding in a new challenge.

The single leg Bosu shoulder press is a good example of a modified version of a basic exercise, the shoulder press. The shoulder press by itself is good at helping to build up the shoulder muscles, the pectorals and the core muscles like the abdominals. By adding in the various other elements of the Bosu and the single leg aspect, you help to work other parts of your body and provide an added challenge to this exercise. The single leg Bosu shoulder press is an advanced exercise.

Single Leg Bosu Shoulder Press Basics

The basic positioning of this exercise requires that you stand on top of the Bosu. Place the Bosu in a flat, open area and hold onto the dumbbells or barbell that you’re going to use. For balancing purposes, many people prefer the barbell in this exercise, although either will work.

Stand on the Bosu with both feet and hold the barbell in an overhand grip with the barbell resting behind your head. When you’re ready to position yourself for the barbell exercise, you should then lift up one leg. You can tuck it in behind your other leg or bend your knee back to keep it resting freely behind you.

To execute the exercise, establish your balance on the Bosu first. Breathe deeply and, as you exhale, push the barbell up above your head with your arms in an even pattern. Do not fully extend your elbows and lock them. Lower the barbell back down to the resting position to complete one repetition of this exercise.

Safety and Injury Prevention

It’s important that you be completely comfortable with the basic shoulder press before you complete the single leg Bosu shoulder press. Ensure that your form for this exercise is complete and well thought out before you make it more difficult. As with any other Bosu exercise, it’s crucial that you be careful to watch your balance; this exercise is even more difficult because you’ll be on only one leg. Breathe continuously as you work out, and consider having a spotter present to be sure that you don’t drop the weight.


This exercise is already a highly modified version of a standard shoulder press. For full benefits, you should alternate which leg you stand on on the Bosu. You can also incorporate triceps flexes into the exercise as well, by bending your elbows backward from the top position with the shoulder press at its fully elevated spot. For more information about the Bosu and how to incorporate it into your exercises, ask a trainer.


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