Bosu Exercises: Side Glute Kick-Outs on Bosu

One of the muscles that will receive a workout when using a Bosu ball is the glute at the top of each of your legs. The glute is actually the gluteus maximus, your butt cheek. Because of the involuntary muscular contractions that occur when using a balance ball or a Bosu ball during your workout, you will receive an excellent core group workout, almost no matter what exercise you’re performing with the ball. The Bosu ball side kick out is an excellent example of a workout that targets one particular muscle group, in this case the glutes, but that ends up benefiting the whole core muscle group.

Step 1: Starting Position

Place the Bosu ball on the floor about six inches behind your feet. Stand up with your feet shoulder width apart.

Step 2: Position Yourself on the Bosu Ball

Bend your knees into a squat and sit on the Bosu ball with your glutes about six inches towards your feet from the center of the ball.

Step 3: Lay Back

Lay back on the Bosu ball until your lower back is on it. You want the lumbar and lower thoracic portions of your spine resting on the ball.

Step 4: Straighten out Your Body

Kick your feet out until your heels are on the floor with your legs extended. Your arms should be at your sides.

Step 5: Ready for First Kick

Draw one leg up until the knee is almost to your chest, while lifting the other heel off the floor. Maintain your balance.

Step 6: Kick Out and Draw Back

Rapidly kick your leg out as far to the side as you can make it go and draw it back up until your knee is back to your chest.

Step 7: Straighten Your Leg

Straighten your leg until both feet are together above the floor.

Step 8: Repeat on the Opposite Side

If your first kick out was with your left leg, perform the same action with your right leg now.

Step 9: Stand Up

After the second kick out, come back to your feet. You have just performed one rep. You will want to do 10 reps for a complete set. A complete workout cycle for this exercise will be 10 sets, with each set being separated by a short rest period.

Adding Intensity

There are a few things you can do to perk this exercise up once the standard 10 sets of 10 reps stops being enough of a workout. Buy yourself a set of five-pound ankle weights and wear them while exercising. One other thing you can do is to increase the workout to 15 reps and 15 sets. You can also add an aerobic flair to the workout by moving at a faster pace and shortening the breaks between sets.

Workout Safety

Always warm your muscles up with some light calisthenics like jumping jacks and windmills prior to working out. After the warm up period, perform a full set of stretching exercises before straining your muscles. After the workout, a light cool down period is required, followed by another full set of stretching exercises to maintain elasticity and flexibility.

If you’re just embarking on a fitness regimen, you should consult with your physician to ensure that you’re healthy enough for the strains and stresses you’ll be putting your body through.


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