Bosu Exercises: Reverse Lunge

A Bosu is an incredibly useful device that can augment a wide variety of exercises that you do either at home or in the gym. This device is designed like the top portion of an exercise ball, and it’s mounted on top of a secure flat base. You can stand on top of the Bosu or balance on it in order to make your exercises more of a challenge. This equipment can therefore aid in developing your sense of balance as you work out, or help to strengthen your muscles and exercise them in ways that you might not be able to on your own and without the use of supplementary items like the Bosu.

A reverse lunge is a great exercise to do because it strengthens the rear muscles of both legs. It is also good at augmenting the muscles of the buttocks and can be a good cardiovascular exercise. Doing this motion on a Bosu improves coordination and can provide you with an opportunity to extend your legs farther then normal, for an additional stretch.

1. How to Execute the Reverse Lunge on a Bosu


In order to perform the exercise, lay the Bosu out so that the rigid side is face down. Stand carefully on the fleshy part of the Bosu with your feet about shoulder width apart and your legs straight. Look straight outward and stand up as straight as possible. When you’re comfortably balanced, lift up one leg and carefully extend it behind your body. Place that foot down flat on the ground. As you do so, lower your rear knee down to the ground while you bend the knee that is still above the Bosu. This is the fully extended position; stand up and move your leg back to the starting position on the Bosu to complete a repetition, then repeat the procedure with the other leg.

2. Safety and Injury Prevention

One of the biggest risks to working with a Bosu is falling over. Practice this exercise on the floor and without a Bosu first. When you’re completely comfortable with it, you can then start using a Bosu. Be sure to fully stretch both before and after you exercise on the Bosu, in order to prevent muscle strain. As you’re exercising, continue to breathe deeply and regularly.

3. Intensifying the Workout

When you’re comfortable with the workout as listed above, try holding matching dumbbells in each hand as you work. You can also hold a barbell between your two hands. The barbell can be held at waist level for the easiest implementation, or you can hold it out in front of you or above your head for an additional challenge. Increasing the number of repetitions of the reverse lunge that you do is another good way to intensify this exercise.










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