Bosu Exercises: Push Up to Plank

One of the most iconic and popular exercises in the world is the push up. This body weight exercise is versatile in that it can be accomplished at any time and without the use of any extra exercise equipment. It helps to bild up the arm muscles and the pectorals, and is also a good workout for the core muscles like the abdominals and the back.

There are a number of ways to help augment the push up. One of these is to use a Bosu. The Bosu is akin to an exercise ball that has been affixed to a flat base. It lifts up parts of your body and adds in elements of balance to basic exercises. You can also augment the push up by transferring it to a plank exercise as well, which is a hold exercise that benefits the core muscles even further.

Push Up to Plank Basics

Begin this exercise by setting the Bosu in a flat open area. Lie face down on the ground so that your arms are toward the Bosu and your feet are away from it. Place your hands flat down on the Bosu while you’re still in a resting position, and rest your feet away from the object such that your toes are curled up toward the front of your body. This is the basic resting position for the exercise.

To execute the exercise, you’ll first need to complete a standard push up. This should be done by exhaling quickly and pushing yourself up by your arms. You can fully extend your arms when you reach the top. As you come back down from the top position of the push up, pause with your chest just above the Bosu and the floor and shift your arm position one arm at a time. You should move so that your elbows are resting on the Bosu instead of your hands. Keep the rest of your body up in the air. Hold this position for an additional 10 to 20 seconds as the plank. This constitutes one repetition of the exercise.

Safety and Injury Prevention

There are a number of concerns that many people have about this exercise. Although it’s not likely that you’ll cause yourself major injury as you’re working out, it’s still important to use proper exercise technique as you do it. Breathe deeply as you’re working out. Keep your gaze affixed on the ground or out in front of you. Maintain a flat, even back so that you don’t put additional strain on it. All of these will help to protect your body as you complete the push up to plank on a Bosu.


This exercise is already a heavily modified push up, but there are still ways you can augment this procedure. Shift from a basic plank to a side plank so that only one foot and one elbow are resting on the ground. Lift up one arm and one leg from the plank position for an additional challenge.


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