Bosu Exercises: Plank to Push Up

The plank to push up is a great exercise that incorporates the use of a Bosu into the workout. A Bosu is a piece of exercise equipment that can be used to decrease the stability of an exercise that has been previously mastered in its most basic form. Using a Bosu can help improve core strength, making it a great choice for you if you are interested in treating and preventing back pain or strengthening your abdomen, or if you want to increase athletic performance in specific, high-movement types of sports.

Background of the Plank to Push Up

As with the more traditional versions of the both the plank and the push up, when performed on a Bosu the primary muscle groups that are targeted by this exercise include the muscles of the abdomen, lower back, obliques, and muscles of the chest and triceps. Though this exercise is challenging enough on its own, adding a Bosu to it adds a degree of instability, making it much more difficult. For best results when performing this exercise, start with the blue side of the Bosu facing upwards.

Positioning Yourself for the Exercise

In order to achieve optimal results when performing this exercise, as well as preventing any possible athletic injury, it is important to follow some basic precautions when positioning your body. Start by placing the Bosu down on the ground in an area that has been cleared of other pieces of exercise equipment. Come onto all fours on the ground, with your elbows on the outer edge of the Bosu. Your forearms should also be resting comfortably on the Bosu. Use the muscles of your core to lift your knees off the ground. Step your feet back slightly, so that you are in a straight line from your feet to your shoulders. Hold this position until you’re ready to perform the exercise.

Performing the Exercise

Breathe deeply for a minute or two. During exhalation, lift your right elbow off the Bosu, and place your right hand in its place. Next, lift your left elbow off the Bosu, and put your left hand in its place. Use the muscles of your chest, triceps and core to push your upper body towards the sky until your elbows are completely extended. Inhale and carefully place your right elbow back onto the Bosu where your right hand was previously. Similarly, lower your torso down to the starting position, and place your left elbow where your left hand was previously. Continue performing this move until you have completed 10 repetitions of the exercise. Rest for a short period, and do another set of 10 repetitions of the plank to push up. As you become stronger, slowly increase the amount of repetitions and sets that you perform in order to continue progressing in your fitness goals.



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