Bosu Exercises: Leg Raises on Bosu

A bosu is an excellent and highly versatile training tool. It can be used to help train all different parts of your body and can easily be incorporated into a range of unique exercises. Best of all, this piece of equipment is portable and light, making it a perfect addition for an at-home gym.

Leg raises are a common exercise that are used to help develop the abdominal muscles. They require a good bit of core strength to start out with, however, and many people find them to be a challenge, particularly if they haven’t executed this exercise before. If this is the case for you, a bosu can help you to develop the core muscles that you’ll need to better be able to do leg raises from a standard lying down position.

Exercise Basics

The basic position of the exercise will involve you lying with part of your body on the bosu. Lay the bosu out so that it’s in a wide open and flat area. Lie down so that your middle and upper back is resting on the bosu. Place your hands by your side and stretch your legs out in front of you with your knees straight but not entirely locked in one position. Raise your knees and your lower legs slightly off of the floor so that they’re resting a few inches above the ground. This is the resting position for the exercise.

To execute a leg raise on the bosu, use your abdominal muscles to lift up your legs until they form approximately a 30 degree angle with your body. You do not need to lift them any higher than that in order to have an effective exercise. Slowly lower them without using your hands until they reach the resting position again; do not drop them all the way back down to the ground. This will constitute one single rep of the exercise.

Safety and Injury Prevention

While this exercise is not typically considered to be a very dangerous exercise or one that can cause injury, you still run the risk of straining your muscles. Because of this, it’s a good idea to spend some time stretching out your abdominal and core muscles before you begin the leg raises as well as after you’ve completed the exercise. When you’re working out, be sure to continue to breathe deeply and regularly in order to have a safe exercise experience.


The best way to modify this exercise is to continue it by removing the bosu and lying on the ground by itself. This will allow you to further improve the workout for your core muscles. As you remove the bosu, work to hold your upper body in place above the ground for the best workout possible.


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