Bosu Exercises: Leg Raise Knee-Outs on Bosu

A bosu is a very helpful piece of exercise equipment that can contribute to an overall balanced and varied workout. The bosu is similar to the top portion of an exercise ball, which has been removed and affixed to a sturdy and flat base. Because of its easy portability and the fact that it’s small enough to carry with you, the bosu is a great way to augment virtually any exercise and at any location.

The leg raise alone is a good exercise for building balance and stability, but adding a bosu to it transforms this beginning level exercise into an intermediate or an advanced one. It works the core muscles as well as the upper leg muscles. Read on for a brief guide to doing a leg raise with a knee out on a bosu.

Exercise Basics

In order to execute this exercise, you’ll need to begin by first standing on the bosu with both feet parallel to each other. They should be spread out apart as far as is comfortable, but don’t strain them by pressing them too close to the edges of the bosu. Your hands can either be resting by your side or hanging loosely out in front of you for balance support. This is the basic resting position for the exercise.

To execute the exercise itself, take a deep breath. As you do so, shift all of your weight to your left leg and slowly draw your right leg up from the knee. Keep the knee as the highest point and raise it as far as it can comfortably go. Your right foot should remain flat and should not be flexed as you do this. Slowly lower your leg back to the resting position on the bosu. After this, repeat the entire process once again, this time resting on your right leg and lifting your left leg by the knee instead. This constitutes one single repetition of the exercise.

Safety and Injury Prevention

This is a low impact exercise and as a result is not likely to cause a great deal of injury. However, you can still pull muscles in your leg by extending too far or by lifting your leg up too quickly. Be careful that you stretch properly before and after exercising. You may also wish to practice the leg raise with a knee out on the floor before you try to stand on a bosu. This can help you to get your balance before you move to a more advanced stage.


You can strap small weights to your ankles in order to increase the workout load for your core and leg muscles. Also, if you’re looking to modify the exercise for your upper body, you can hold onto dumbbells or other weights and keep them extended in front of you as you complete the leg raises.


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