Bosu Exercises: Lateral Shuffle Side Raise

Adding a Bosu ball to your workout routine adds an extra level of difficulty and intensity. Extend a workout for your uppers arms and back to your whole body by adding a Bosu ball. Studies show that the instability added by using a Bosu ball will cause all of the muscles in your body to work involuntarily in helping you to maintain your balance. One of these exercises is the lateral shuffle with a side raise. This exercise requires approximately 30 feet of space (in length), with an upside down Bosu ball on either end of the room.

Step 1: Setup

Place the Bosu balls at opposite sides of the room, in a straight line from each other.

Step 2: Beginning Position

Stand next to one of the Bosu balls with your feet just over shoulder width apart and your arms hanging down at your sides.

Step 3: Shuffle

Draw the foot closest to the Bosu ball in towards the other one and extend the other foot out to just over shoulder width apart. This means if the Bosu ball is to your left, bring your left foot in to your right foot and plant it. Then extend your right foot out to your right side until it is just over shoulder width from your left. Continue shuffling like this until you’ve reached the other Bosu ball. Stand on the Bosu ball in a slight crouch with your knees and hips slightly bent.

Step 4: Raise and Lower Your Arms

With a slight bend in your elbows, raise your arms until they are straight out at your sides at shoulder height. Lower your arms back to your side.

Step 5: Shuffle Back

Step off the Bosu ball and shuffle back to your left until you reach the other Bosu ball. Step onto the Bosu and assume the slightly crouched position from step 3.

Step 6: Raise and Lower Your Arms

Once again, raise and lower your arms to shoulder height, remembering to keep your elbows slightly bent. You have just completed one rep. 10 reps completes a beginning set, and 10 sets completes a beginning workout. Take a short 30-second break between sets.

Adding Intensity

This is an easy exercise to add intensity to. Wrap a resistance band around your legs, making sure there is tension when your feet are closer together. Use dumbbells or weighted wrist bands, or both. Obtain a cardio benefit by cutting the break time between sets in half and doing the workout at a faster pace.

Exercise Safely

If you’re just embarking on an exercise regimen, you should check with your physician to ensure that you’re healthy enough to do so. Before and after your workout you should warm up, cool down and do a full stretching routine. If using weights, start small and work up to bigger weights.

Muscle Groups Used

The lateral shuffle targets your quads, glutes, upper arms, delts and lats. Adding the Bosu ball extends this to a full body workout, because the Bosu makes all of your muscles contract involuntarily in order to maintain balance. Adding the Bosu ball to the lateral shuffle with side raise turns an already good workout into an excellent one.


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