Bosu Exercises: Lateral Shuffle on Bosu

The bosu lateral shuffle mixes overall aerobic-style exercises with resistance training for your lower body. With the addition of the bosu ball, it also means you can train your core muscles at the same time. Learning more about this kind of modern exercise can show you how many options are available at home or at your local gym.

Using the Bosu Ball

The bosu ball is like one half of a traditional fitness ball. The bosu ball has a soft round top and a flat bottom. Trainers interact with the inflatable (thus unstable) surface to add challenge to a range of classic activities.

Doing the Exercise

  • Start with the bosu ball in front of you on the floor.
  • Stand with one leg on the round inflated top of the bosu ball and one leg to the side of the ball, on the ground.
  • Putting pressure on the top of the bosu ball, push off sideways off of the ball, so that your opposing leg comes toward the ball. You should get a little bit off of the ground and land with your opposing leg on top of the bosu ball and the other leg on the ground.
  • Repeat as necessary.

Muscles Worked with the Lateral Shuffle on the Bosu

The bosu lateral shuffle provides an overall challenge for your body. You’ll be working to achieve quick action and what some people call “explosive” exercise conditioning. Your legs will also be working to push your body up into the air. When you are balancing on the bosu ball with your leading leg, your core muscles will also work to keep your body balanced. That’s why the bosu ball shuffle is seen as a kind of “multifunctional” workout activity.

Variations on the Exercise

There aren’t a lot of different ways that you can do the bosu lateral shuffle, but there are plenty of other similar activities that work your body in some of the same ways. Exercise bench jump ups and similar activities also provide a “quick action” workout with some muscle training for the lower body. Think about using these kinds of exercises to reach your fitness goals, whether you’re looking for increased athletic ability, or just overall body capacity and agility.

Avoiding Injury

The bosu lateral shuffle is not a relatively high risk activity, but you do have to be careful not to land the wrong way on the bosu ball, where bad form or improper balance could cause a twisted ankle or some similar kind of injury.

Think about this kind of exercise when you’re considering all of the things that you can do with the modern bosu fitness tool. You may want to ask your trainer about whether the bosu lateral shuffle is right for you according to existing medical conditions and fitness goals.



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