Bosu Exercises: Lateral Cross Overs on Bosu

Adding a Bosu ball to an exercise routine of lateral crossovers gives you a specific point in front of you to focus on when performing the actual crossover maneuver. This is an aerobic exercise that targets the major muscle groups in your legs.

Step 1: Setup and Beginning Position

Place the Bosu ball upside on the floor and position yourself half a step behind it. Your feet should be shoulder width apart and you should be in a slight crouch.

Step 2: Choose a Direction and Side

Take two side steps to one side. For purposes of these instructions, towards the left will be used as the beginning direction.

Step 3: The Cross-Over

With your left foot, take one large step to the right and front. Step on the Bosu ball and return.

Step 4: Side Step to the Right

Take four side steps to the right until you are approximately two steps to the right of the Bosu ball.

Step 5: The Cross-Over

With your right foot, cross over and in front of your body until your foot reaches the Bosu ball and return.

Step 6: Return to Start

Take two side steps to your left until directly behind the Bosu ball once again. This is one rep. A beginning set will normally consist of 10 reps. When first starting this routine, you should do 10 sets to complete the exercise. Take a 30-second break between sets.

Muscles Worked During the Exercise

This exercise targets the muscles of the legs, the quads, hamstrings and glutes. The slight crouching position, as well as tensing of the abdominal muscles, will also give your core muscles a good workout.

Adding Intensity

Increase the aerobic benefit of this exercise by speeding up the exercise and decreasing the rest periods between sets to 15 seconds. Add intensity to the muscle work by adding ankle weights of five to ten pounds. You can also add some resistance training by tying a resistance band between your ankles, making sure there is tension in it throughout the range of motion from this exercise. Additionally, you can add reps and sets to the exercise. Do 15 sets of 15 reps. When this becomes too easy for you, add another five or ten reps and sets to maintain the level and intensity of the workout.

Prevent Injury

If you are just embarking on an exercise routine, you should consult your physician to see if your health demands any special considerations prior to beginning the exercises. Prior to any exercise period, you should go through a series of warm up exercises, such as jumping jacks or jogging in place, prior to a full stretching routine. Perform a cool down exercise and another stretching routine after the workout to maintain flexibility and muscle elasticity.

Aerobic exercises are excellent calorie burners. Resistance based exercises are excellent muscle toners. When combined, an exercise such as the lateral cross-over with a Bosu ball will tone and strengthen your whole body and help you lose weight.


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