Bosu Exercises: Double Toe Taps on Bosu

A bosu is one of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment for both at-home and gym workout studios, and for good reason. Bosus make virtually any exercise more difficult by incorporating an element of balance into them. This is true for both strength training and also for a number of cardiovascular exercises as well. A bosu is similar to the top portion of an exercise ball that has been cut off and attached to a flat base which rests on the ground.

The double toe tap is a good cardiovascular exercise that makes a solid alternative to jogging, walking or running. It’s a good choice because it is done in place and doesn’t require any special machinery. To make the exercise even more challenging, you can incorporate a bosu into it as well for a more complete workout.

1. Exercise Basics

The way to prepare for this exercise first requires that you place the bosu in a wide open and flat area. Make sure that there aren’t any pieces of exercise equipment or other obstacles in the way. Stand with both feet on the bosu about one foot apart and facing forward. You may find that it’s helpful to place a piece of tape or another marker about 18 inches in front of the bosu on the floor. This is the resting position for the exercise.

To execute the double toe tap from a bosu, take a couple of deep breaths. When you’re ready to begin, begin by touching the toes of one foot to the marker that you’ve placed on the ground. Bring your foot back to the resting position and, simultaneously, lift your other foot up so that you can touch the other set of toes to the marked spot. Continue to do this for between 30 seconds and one minute for each repetition.

2. Safety and Injury Prevention

The double toe tap is a low impact and relatively easy exercise. Still, it’s important that you keep your balance as you work. For this reason, it’s a good idea to start slowly. You should also practice the exercise without using a bosu so that you get familiar with it before you begin.

3. Modifications

There are several ways to modify this exericse. First, you can begin to move faster and faster. The faster that you move your toes and your feet, the better a cardiovascular workout that you’re liable to get while you’re executing the double toe taps. You can also place a medicine ball or another item in front of the bosu for you to touch your toes to. This will provide you with the need to lift your feet up a bit, which will work out other muscles in your legs and improve the overall workout that you get while you do the double toe taps on the bosu. Finally, you can position your feet so that you’re standing on the floor and set the marker on top of the bosu. This is a good intermediate step if you’re looking for a way to lead up to the double toe tap on the bosu.


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