Bosu Exercises: Double Bosu Plank Up

The double bosu plank up is an exercise that uses the unique potential of the bosu fitness ball tool to provide additional training to a classic “plank” activity. The double bosu plank up challenges your core muscles and leads to better overall balance.

What is a Bosu Ball?

In order to understand the double bosu plank up, you have to understand what the bosu ball is. The bosu ball is a one-sided ball that has a round inflatable top and a hard plastic flat bottom. This allows for putting the bosu ball directly on the floor, and using the inflatable part to create specific balance challenges for the body.

Doing the Double Bosu Plank Up

Here’s how to do the popular plank activity and work the abs with two bosu balls.

  • Start by getting down on all fours, facing the ground, and placing the two bosu balls at opposite ends of your body. The first bosu ball will be under your chest, and the second one will be under your feet. You will be resting your arms and feet on the two balls, facing the ground, just as you would be in a similar activity like a push up. Both bosu balls will be flat side down, so that you will balance on the inflated round surfaces.
  • Place your feet on the second bosu ball.
  • Place your upper arms on the first bosu ball.
  • Support your chest with your upper arms, putting your arms at a 90° angle with your forearms against the bosu ball surface.
  • Push your body up into a straight position, balancing your forearms and your feet on the two unstable bosu ball surfaces.
  • Hold for 20 seconds or more according to your capacity.

Muscles Worked with the Double Bosu Plank Up

This activity works all of your “abs” or abdominal muscles in your stomach area. This is one way to potentially slim down the stomach while building useful core strength.

Variations of the Double Bosu Plank Up

There are a lot of different variations on the plank exercise. Some of them are less challenging than this double bosu plank up, where a simple stability ball plank allows you to have one end of your body or another against a stable floor surface. What all of these activities have in common is that they rely on your ability to hold a static position, where the balance challenge causes your core muscles to kick in and actively support your body.

Avoiding Injury with the Double Bosu Plank Up

One of the main risks of this activity, which some trainers refer to as an advanced exercise, is making sure that you stay supported on the two bosu balls. Falling from either of these balls may result in injury. You also want to make sure that you are properly supporting your back throughout the full range of the exercise. Take care not to overload your muscles or strain too hard to maintain the position. A longer hold of the double bosu plank up may be something that you need to gradually work up to in order to do this task injury-free.




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