Bosu Exercises: Bosu Single Leg Glute Bridge

The Bosu ball is often used to perform the single leg glute bridge exercise. A bridge by itself strengthens your glutes and buttocks, but if you do the bridge with the help of a Bosu ball, you stand to benefit in many ways. A Bosu ball is an exercising device that’s shaped like a half ball. It can be used with either of the sides facing up. When it’s faced dome side up, it’s very stable and can be used by people of all ages and medical conditions. When the Bosu ball is placed platform side up, it’s not very stable and should be used for other exercises like pushups and planks.

How to Perform the Bosu Single Leg Glute Bridge

For the single leg glute bridge, the Bosu ball should be placed on the floor with the dome side up. Since the single leg glute bridge is performed with the dome side up, there’s maximum stability. To perform the exercise, lie on the floor with your head, shoulders and back pressed firmly into the floor. Your hands should be placed beside you with the palms flat on the ground.

Place the sole of the shoe of your left leg on the dome of the Bosu ball. Then, slowly lift your right leg in the air. Raise your buttocks while keeping your head and arms on the floor so that the right leg and the rest of your body form a straight line. Take a few deep breaths and then lower your hips to the floor with your right leg still raised in the air.

You should repeat this 10 times and complete three sets of 10 each for optimum results. The single leg glute bridge should then be repeated for the other leg. If you do the Bosu single leg glute bridge exercise frequently, you will improve your overall coordination, balance, strength and stability.

Variations of the Bosu Single Leg Glute Bridge

To add a level of difficulty to the Bosu single leg glute bridge, weights can be added to the leg that’s extended. Doing so increases the weight that has to be lifted by the leg on the Bosu ball. Another variation is to place both the legs on different Bosu balls. This increases the stability challenge, and the core muscles of the abdominal muscles, quadriceps muscles, hamstrings, glutes and lower back are engaged to a higher degree. 


You should use your abdominal muscles to prevent your back from arching too much. If you feel the muscles on the back of your thighs are cramping up, stretch the back of your thighs and your hip flexors to get rid of the cramp.

The Bosu single leg glute bridge is an exercise that can be performed by people of all ages and ability levels. This exercise is particularly beneficial for people suffering from back strain or for those who wish to prevent back strain.


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