Bosu Exercises: Bosu Side Plank Fly

The side plank is an exercise that helps to develop your core muscles by challenging you to hold them in a single position elevated above the ground. The side plank is a slight variation of the standard plank; in a standard plank, your body rests on both elbows and both sets of toes, while in a side plank, it’s only on one elbow and the toes of one foot.

Making the side plank more difficult is an easy task. By adding in a bosu as a way of reducing the stability of the exercise, and then by incorporating a dumbbell fly into the workout, you can not only practice your balance and concentration building, but also work to strengthen your upper arm muscles as you do the side plank.

Exercise Basics

Position the bosu in the middle of an open area and then lie down so that your feet are close to the bosu. Lie on your right side so that your right elbow is resting on the ground and the right side of your body follows it. Your feet should be on top of each other and the right should be in contact with the bosu. This is the resting position for the exercise.

To execute the bosu side plank fly, begin by doing the bosu side plank. The dumbbell should be in your left hand with your left arm resting by your side. Inhale deeply and, as you do, tense up your core muscles so that your midsection and hips rise off of the ground. You should be resting on your elbow, with your right foot on the bosu. Once you’re stabilized in this position, you can then begin the fly portion of the exercise. To execute the fly, lift your left arm up while holding it straight. You should continue until the dumbbell is directly above your body with your arm straight up. Slowly lower the dumbbell and your arm back down to your side.

Safety and Injury Prevention

It’s crucial that you continue to breathe normally and deeply while you’re doing this exercise. Additionally, it’s a good idea to practice the side plank and the side plank with a fly component added in without a bosu before you begin to rest a part of your body on the bosu. This will help to ensure that you have the necessary core strength to work on the more difficult balancing exercise with the bosu as well.


The best way to modify this exercise is to add in a second bosu. Put your right elbow on a bosu so that no part of your body is in contact with the ground. This will make the balancing portion of the exercise significantly harder; this variation on the bosu side plank fly is definitely an advanced level exercise and should only be attempted by those with experience.


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