Bosu Exercises: Bosu Burpee Push Up

You can use a Bosu ball or a Bosu balance trainer to make your weekly push up program more interesting. A Bosu ball is a device used for exercise and is a half ball that can be positioned in two ways. The word Bosu is an acronym for “both sides up.” This device helps you train yourself to increase your balance.

When the dome side of the ball faces up, the device remains stable while the surface is unstable. In this position, the ball can be used by people of all ages and all physical conditions for cardio, core moves and lower body strength training. When the platform side faces up, the device is unstable and can be used for a wide range of exercises such as push ups or planks.  

Bosu Burpee Push Ups

While a traditional burpee push up is done on a flat surface, a Bosu burpee push up is done with the use of a Bosu ball. Since the ball provides an unstable surface on which to exercise, it increases the intensity of the burpee. To achieve best results, it’s essential that your body is positioned correctly.

Place the Bosu ball dome side down. With the platform side up, the ball is unstable. Go down on all fours and grasp the outer edge of the Bosu ball with both hands so that your palms face the ball and your hands are shoulder distance apart. Lift your knees off the ground and place your body in a plank position by stepping your feet back. Your body should be in a straight line from your head to your feet. Once you are in this position, you may start the push ups.

How to Do Bosu Burpee Push Ups

You should start the Bosu burpee push up by bending your elbows and lowering your body towards the ground. Breathe out so that all the air is expelled from your lungs. Lift yourself back to the starting position by using the muscles of your arms and upper body. Then push your feet towards your hands using a jumping movement and use the speed of this movement to launch yourself upwards into the air.

Upon landing back on the floor, put your hands on the outer edge of the Bosu ball as you did at the start of the exercise and place your feet back into the plank position.

How Many Sets Should You Do?

You should perform a set of 10 Bosu burpee push ups. Three sets of 10 such push ups are essential for optimum results. If you do these push ups rapidly, you can increase the intensity of the exercise. However, increasing the speed shouldn’t cause any variations in the manner in which the pushups are done.

The core areas targeted by Bosu burpee push ups are the chest and the arms. These areas along with your cardiovascular system are strengthened by this exercise. The push ups are also a good way to burn fat quickly. Bosu push ups are more difficult than ordinary push ups, and since more muscles are involved, the potential of your workout is enhanced.


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