Bosu Exercises: Bosu Burpee Jump Ups

The burpee is a useful exercise to help build not only core and leg strength, but to also work on cardiovascular exercise. There are a number of variations on the common burpee exercise, one of which involves the Bosu.

A Bosu is a soft, rounded surface on which you can stand or place your arms while you exercise. Attached to a flat base, the Bosu is easy to incorporate into a variety of exercises and can be used to help practice balance as you continue to work out the other parts of your body. It’s useful if you’re looking for a way to intensify your training. Read on for a brief guide to how to incorporate the Bosu into your burpee jump ups.

Bosu Burpee Jump Ups

The basic position of the exercise is a squat position. If you can, fit both of your feet onto the Bosu and squat down, placing your hands palm down on the Bosu as well. This may be somewhat difficult to balance, so you may not wish to rest in this position when you aren’t about to begin the exercise itself.

To conduct the exercise, begin by lifting both feet off of the Bosu and pushing them backward in one single motion to end up in a push up position. Without resting or doing a push up, draw your feet back to the Bosu in one continuous motion so that you return to the squat position. Next, jump up as high as you can from the squat position, reaching your arms up in the air to help support yourself. Return to the squat position to complete one repetition of this exercise.

Safety and Injury Prevention

Burpees can be somewhat dangerous because it’s easy to lose control over what you’re doing as you work out. Be very careful that you can do a burpee in a single position and without having your arms, feet or legs go in unwanted directions. You should practice doing the burpee before you get on the Bosu at all. Once you do get on the Bosu, start slowly so as to be sure that you don’t fall off. Be sure that you continue to breathe regularly as you work out on the Bosu, because this will help to prevent injury as well.


There are a few ways to modify this exercise if you’re looking for an even greater challenge. You can place a second Bosu at the point where your feet land when you reach the push up position. This gives an added challenge in that you have to lift your legs up higher when you move them back. You can also begin to complete the burpee jump ups faster, as this will get your heartbeat to a higher level and will increase your total workout potential. For more information, ask a trainer in your area.


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