Bosu Exercises: Bosu Ab Crunch

The BOSU ab crunch is a versatile kind of activity that can help you work your core muscles, specifically your abdominals, for strengthening your core, slimming down the waist, and burning calories. You can do this exercise at your local gym or at home. The BOSU ab crunch requires only a BOSU ball, though free weights can offer resistance challenges.

What Is a BOSU Ball?

A BOSU ball is a new fitness tool that is related to the simple inflatable fitness or stability ball. However, rather than being a complete sphere, the BOSU ball is really only half of a ball. One side is a flexible, inflated ball surface; the other side is flat. The BOSU ball rests on the ground and provides a balance challenge by presenting only the flexible rounded surface.

The Simple BOSU Ab Crunch

In order to do the simplest kind of BOSU ab crunch, you’ll be modifying the classic “sit up” or “ab crunch” while lying on the BOSU ball.

  • Get down onto the BOSU ball. Experts recommend lying with your hips on the ball.
  • Slowly bring your upper body from a lying down position to a curled position above your lap.
  • Return to a horizontal position.

This is one repetition of the simple BOSU ab crunch.

Variations of the BOSU Ab Crunch

Some very interesting variations presented by trainers show that there are multiple ways to do the BOSU ab crunch. One popular kind of BOSU ab crunch involves kneeling on the BOSU ball, then taking the upper body from a vertical position to a bent forward position, with the upper body horizontal, and keeping your balance using your core and legs. In one variation, the feet are on the ground behind the BOSU ball, providing additional stability. In another more extreme variation, the body is completely rested on the BOSU ball, making balance a lot more challenging.

In addition to doing the intense balance challenge of resting the whole body on the BOSU ball, some advanced trainers like to hold onto either free weights or fixed cable weights above them in order to ramp up the challenge and add resistance. Pursuing these activities is a way to really work the abs and core muscles, but beginners should work up to these advanced challenges.

Avoiding Injury with the BOSU Ab Crunch

Proper form is important for exercises that rely on unstable surfaces like the BOSU ball. Make sure that weight or pressure is not focused on your back, and take care to preserve your balance throughout the activity. If you use weights, use lower weight loads that you are comfortable with, and avoid struggling with overloaded crunches.

With the right attention to safety, the BOSU ab crunch can be great for your fitness routine. Talk to your trainer or doctor about any medical conditions that could interfere with adding this challenging activity to your fitness schedule.


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