Bosu Exercises: Beginner Bosu Push Up

The beginner bosu push up is a popular variation on the classic push up activity that you may be used to. New fitness tools have created a lot of different options for working more of your body with these simple fitness exercises.

About the Bosu Ball

In order to understand what the beginner bosu push up is, you have to know what the bosu ball is and what it does.

The bosu ball is a kind of “half ball.” One side is like an inflatable stability or fitness ball, and the other side is a flat, hard, plastic surface. This means you can position the bosu ball securely on the ground. The bosu ball allows for a variation of exercises that include a balance challenge, but without the additional advanced challenge of using a rolling ball. Some activities can be safe with a full fitness ball, but for others, using the bosu can cut down your chances of injury and still give you a good workout.

Doing the Beginner Bosu Push Up

Although there are several variations on the beginner bosu push up, this is one of the most popular beginners forms.

  • Start with the bosu ball flat side down, securely on the ground in front of you.
  • Position the bosu ball surface under your chest.
  • Put your hands on each side of the bosu ball near the edge, so that your hands are resting on the inflated, uneven surface of the ball. In a similar variation of this exercise, you can flip the bosu ball over and rest the inflated surface against the ground, grabbing each side of the bosu ball. This will also provide the balance challenge that helps to engage your core.
  • Slowly push up and support your upper body with your arms.
  • Let yourself back down as you would in a regular push up.

This is one repetition of the beginner bosu push up.

Muscles Worked with the Beginner Bosu Push Up

One reason that people like doing the beginner bosu push up is that in addition to working the arm muscles like a classic push up does, this activity also works the core muscles in your abdomen and torso. You can often feel these muscles at work when your body struggles to remain upright on the bosu ball surface.

Avoiding Injury with the Beginner Bosu Push Up

Like a lot of other bosu ball activities, one of the main injury risks is losing contact with the bosu ball. This activity is not as challenging as some other advanced bosu ball push up exercises, but you still have to take care to keep your balance. It’s also important to avoid putting too much pressure on your back during this exercise.

For more on the beginner bosu push up, seek out the resident trainer at your gym. You may also want to check with your doctor if any existing medical conditions could get in the way of practicing this form of the push up. For those who can handle it, the bosu push up promotes core training and overall improvement in upper body and core strength.



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