Bosu Exercises: Advanced Bosu Push Up

Performing a push up with a Bosu can help ensure you keep your body in the right position, so that your muscles receive the maximum benefit. The added challenge of maintaining your balance on the Bosu, which resembles half of a balance ball with a board on one side, gives your muscles an added workout.

The Targeted Muscles

Whenever you perform a push up, whether you use a Bosu or not, the muscles that receive the most benefit are the triceps in the arms, the deltoids in the shoulders and above all, the pectorals in the chest.

The Exercise Basics

You can perform the advanced Bosu push up with the Bosu flipped in either direction (flat side up or flat side down). However, you’ll experience the more advanced challenge by putting the Bosu on the ground with the flat side up.

  • Sitting on the ground, place your hands on either side of the Bosu’s flat board. Your fingers should wrap under the board and your thumbs should rest on top.
  • Maintain your grip on the Bosu and stick your legs out behind you at about hip-width apart. Your toes should rest on the ground and your legs should remain straight for the exercise.
  • Make sure the Bosu is lined up with your shoulders. You’ll be keeping your core and neck stiff throughout the push up. You should be facing the ground.
  • Push your core straight down so that your shoulders hover just above the Bosu board. Hold for a few seconds.
  • Push your core back up into starting position, fulling extending your arms. Hold for a few seconds.
  • Repeat a total of five to ten times.

Safety Tips

The most important safety tip when performing a push up is to stretch beforehand so that you don’t strain your muscles. When adding a Bosu into the mix, make sure that you place it on a flat, non-slippery surface. An area such as a yoga mat, a gym mat or a well-clipped area of grass can provide impact resistance.

Be careful when using a Bosu to perform a push up that you don’t lose your balance. If you feel yourself tilting to the side, correct yourself slowly. If you tilt the Bosu too far, you may injure your fingers when the Bosu hits the ground, so pay close attention to your sense of balance during the exercise.

Adding Some Challenge

You can make the Bosu push up more of a challenge by holding yourself up and down for longer periods of time. As you get used to the exercise, add a few more beats between position changes. You can also eventually add more push ups to your routine. Add them gradually so that you don’t overexert yourself. You can also, instead of holding onto your positions longer, add speed to your routine. Gradually push up and down faster, being careful not to lose your balance. Remember that maintaining your balance is key to successfully completing the Bosu push up.


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