Boot Camp: Fitness Classes that Truly Motivate

Given the trend in reality weight loss shows like The Biggest Loser, boot camp fitness classes have been gaining more and more recognition as an effective way to lose weight. Sometimes we all need a little kick in the butt to really begin taking exercise seriously.

Pushing Your Limits

Similar to the way personal trainers can help keep you more committed to a workout regimen, fitness boot camps can really force you to push your personal limits past what you might do on your own (hence the term “boot camp,” resembling the original military version). When we work out alone, it’s all too tempting to slack just a little. Boot camp leaders ensure you’re putting forth your best, hardest effort by awakening the sense of discipline that many have lacked with exercise for a very long time.

Requiring Commitment

Many people fail in their most sincere attempts to start exercising again. The most well-intentioned person can fall off track due to a fundamental problem many have when beginning a new exercise routine – the right motivation. Beginning an exercise regimen without the kind of motivation that can last a lifetime is a surefire way to fail. All those hours logged on the treadmill might ultimately be for naught if you don’t have a a compelling reason to keep going.

Fitness boot camps are an excellent way to provide the structure and motivation you may need. Whether you know you need to lose weight for your health, or you just want to be stronger overall, boot camps are at a set time, and require that you fully commit yourself to the program. Since these camps generally begin and end at fixed times, they can be scheduled much like any other appointment. Over time, this can breed the same kind of commitment you have to work, so you’re much less likely to be a no-show.


While the commitment aspect of fitness boot camps can certainly be enough to motivate you, these programs can also begin to motivate you from within. Receiving the kind of discipline that these courses provide can incite you to become more disciplined in other areas of your life, like your diet. Once you begin to see the physical, mental and emotional benefits that these workouts have provided you with, you’ll be much more likely to discipline yourself when you sit down to dinner after one of those challenging workouts.

Waking the sleeping dog of discipline that has likely been slightly diluted since childhood can also help you reap other benefits. Many people report accomplishing more at their jobs, being more successful in their relationships, and improving many other aspects of their lives due to the discipline and structure received at a fitness boot camp.

We can all use a little kick in the butt every once in awhile. Whether you’ve tried everything and it’s your final hope, or you’re new to fitness and know you need a little extra “help,” fitness boot camps can be the answer you’ve been searching for!


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