Body Scrubs: Chosing What's Best for Your Needs

If your skin has been feeling rough and looking dull lately then body scrubs might be the best solution for you. However, with the wide variety of body scrubs in the market today, choosing the right one for your skin can be quite a challenge. Choosing the right body scrub depends on a number of factors such as your skin type and budget. Here are some guidelines about how to choose the best body scrub for your needs.

Select the Right Granules

Body scrubs are usually a combination of a gel or cream base mixed with a type of granules. These small granules are the ones that exfoliate your skin by rubbing against your skin’s surface to remove the layers of dead skin cells. Common granules that you can find in most body scrubs include coffee grains, sea salt, apricot kernels, oatmeal and brown sugar. These granules differ in texture and size. However, not all scrubs have natural granules. There are also some scrubs that use synthetic granules that dissolve quicker. When you opt for this type of scrub, you generally get a milder exfoliating experience since the granules do not last very long. If you have sensitive skin then you’re better off choosing body scrubs that have finer granules. However, if you’re buying a body scrub to treat tough areas of your skin (elbows, knees, etc.) then you might want to choose a body scrub that has bigger and coarser granules.

Consider Your Skin Type

Granules are not the only thing you need to consider when choosing a body scrub. It’s also important that you take your skin type into consideration. For instance, if you have dry skin that has a rough and peeling texture then you need to select a body scrub that also has a moisturizer. Body scrubs that are based on brown sugar, coffee and chocolate are usually ideal for dry skin types. Ingredients like almond oil, butter and milk are also effective in soothing dry skin. If you suffer from excessively oily skin then make sure that you choose an oil-free body scrub. Instead, look for ingredients like papaya, lemon, apricot and oatmeal. If you have sensitive skin that easily gets irritated, it’s best to choose body scrubs that have hypoallergenic ingredients that are soothing, such as aloe vera and oatmeal.

Choose a Fragrance You Like

Aside from helping you fight rough and dull skin, using a body scrub is also an enjoyable experience because of its fragrance. If you love aromatherapy or you’ve always wanted to give it a try, choose body scrubs that come with luxurious fragrances. These types of body scrubs come with scents that are not only pleasant but are also designed to treat certain problems like anxiety, stress, joint pain or other body aches.

Consider Your Budget

With the variety of body scrubs on the market today, it won’t be hard to find a good-quality scrub that won’t burn your pocket. The most expensive product on the market is not necessarily the best. Check the ingredients and make sure that it’s the right scrub for your skin type to ensure a wonderful exfoliating experience.


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