Body RX is a diet and exercise program incorporating a specific low carbohydrate diet with a fairly vigorous exercise routine. The Body RX diet and exercise routine was first published in book form by Dr. Scott Connelly. Dr. Connelly was previously responsible for bringing us the Met-RX diet and supplement line, which are recognized worldwide for their high quality.

The Premise

The Body RX Diet is a regimented combination of diet and exercise routine. The diet portion consists of limiting your carbohydrate intake in order to induce ketosis, which is where your body begins to convert fats in producing the energy it needs. On this diet, most of your calories will come from an increase in protein content in the foods you eat. One unique feature of this program is that is doesn’t consist of any calorie counting on your part. The exercise portion of the program consists mostly of a weight training regimen, instead of the aerobic exercises we’re all used to seeing.

The Diet

The three main premises of this diet are that you will increase your protein intake, severely limit your carbohydrate intake and eat smaller meals while eating more often. The foundation of the Body RX meal plan is that you eat every few hours, about every two to three hours in fact, which should correlate into you eating six or seven very small meals throughout the day. Eating like this is designed to help you maintain your energy level throughout the day, instead of having the peaks and valleys that most dieters are used to when eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. One of the main premises in the low carbohydrate, high protein portion of the diet is that you should radically increase your dietary fiber intake. Dietary fiber helps you feel full longer by digesting slower, among other health benefits.

The Body RX diet is broken into four six-week cycles. During the first cycle, your protein intake will be based on one gram per pound of weight, while your carbohydrate intake will be two grams per pound. The second phase increases protein by a quarter gram per pound and decreases carbohydrates by one gram per pound. The third phase raises protein by another quarter gram and lowers carbohydrates by another half gram. The final phase reduces protein by a quarter gram and increases carbohydrates back to a gram and a half. The weight training portion is broken down the same way. Cycle one has you getting stronger, two has you building speed, cycle three has you burning fat and the fourth cycle is for maintenance and endurance.

What to Get Excited About

With this diet and exercise program, you don’t have to deny yourself foods that you love; you only have to limit your intake of them.

Things to Consider

The weight training regimen is extremely regimented and requires either free weights or a weight machine. If you don’t own either, this means an expensive gym membership.


The Body RX Diet is recommended for those that already own some type of weight training equipment or that can afford an expensive gym membership. For those that don’t or can’t, the dietary portion is recommended because it is definitely quite healthy and can cause weight loss when coupled with a cycling or swimming regimen.


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