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Body For Life is an intense 12-week diet and exercise program founded by Bill Phillips.  The program is for those looking for a real challenge. The exercise takes commitment. 

The Premise: The body for life diet teaches one to incorporate weight training exercises and aerobic exercises to their regular schedules. The body for life diet also teaches one to eat healthier while eating smaller portions of food throughout the day.

The Diet: The workout part of the program is designed to be followed six days a week.  For three of these days, one is suppose to workout three days a week for 45 minutes doing weight training. Then for the other three days, you are to workout doing aerobic type exercise for at least twenty minutes.

 Your diet is to consist of eating six small meals, six days a week. The food choices that you can pick from come from a list of healthy foods such as brown rice, fish, and poultry. The size of your portions is also a consideration with The Body for Life Diet.  A fist full of most foods seems to be the right size requirement. The Body for Life diet states that you should add one protein and one carbohydrate to every meal. You should also add two servings of vegetables a day and 10 glasses of water to finish up your daily diet and nutritional needs. The diet also states that taking a nutritional supplement and adding two tablespoons of healthy oil, such as flax seed, is also beneficial. Then, on the seventh day you are allowed to eat whatever you choose, and your body is allowed a rest from working out.

When you read the “Body for Life” book, you will find a broken down list of foods sectioned off by categories such as proteins, carbohydrates, and vegetables that will help you in planning your meals. Some of the choices will include:

  • Proteins:  Chicken Breast, Salmon, Lean Ground Beef
  • Carbohydrates: Baked Potato, Oatmeal, Fat-free yogurt
  • Vegetables: Lettuce, Tomato, Green Beans.

What to get excited over:  The diet and exercise regime is easily explained in the best-selling book based on the diet called “Body for Life.” The book explains that when it comes to eating, we must all learn grazing techniques instead of gorging techniques. The diet gives you a lot of choices of foods you are allowed to eat.  All of these foods are healthy and most are also tasty.  Having the seventh day to rest gives most dieters a much needed rest for their mind and body.  This rest also gives you a chance to satisfy a carving, without feeling guilty or feeling as if you have failed

Things to consider: The exercise routine may be a bit much if you haven’t exercised in a long time or are out of shape.

Verdict:  The experts that have studied the Body for Life diet plan have all agreed that the concept behind the six meals a day is a great one. Eating smaller portions is better for the body, as is eating more frequently. The exercise plan is also considered a good one by most. Some do worry, though, that it may be considered a bit intense for some dieters, especially those who have not exercised for a long time.


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    I read through these links…very comprehensive. Excellent site. People need to take the time and read about diet and exercise prior to just jumping in on a whim.