Body for Life for Women: Pros and Cons

Body for Life for Women was created by Pamela Peeke. This diet is based on the Body for Life diet that is geared towards men. Even though women can use the original Body for Life diet, the “for Women” version was created with women and the female body in mind. There is no need for women to wonder if the original version will affect them differently than it would a man. There are people who say the diet works and others who say it does not. It’s up to you to do the necessary research to see if this type of diet will work for you.

Pros of Body for Life for Women

  • Designed for Women
    The female body is no doubt built differently than a man’s body. Women change as they age due to hormones and how they take a toll on the body. This diet will address all stages of the female cycle, so there is no doubt on what to do to keep the weight coming off no matter what age you are or how hormones are affecting you.
  • Free Day Each Week
    This program is designed that there is a free day each week. This means that you are allowed to eat anything you wish on your off day. By having an off day, you will be able to satisfy any cravings you were having during the week, and not have to feel guilty about it. The hope is that as time goes on in the program, healthy eating habits will be developed and healthy choices will be made on off days as well.
  • The Book Is Very Helpful
    The Body for Life for Women book is an excellent resource. It lays out exactly how the diet works as well as giving advice and tips, and helping with motivation. All of the tools are there for anyone with the drive to succeed. If this diet is done correctly, large amounts of weight can be lost and lives can be changed.

Cons of Body for Life for Women

  • Timeline Can Be Deceiving
    One of the selling points for the Body for Life for Women diet is that you can reach your goals in just 12 weeks. How much weight you have to lose will determine how true this statement is. The most weight that is typically lost in that time period is about 25 pounds. If your weight loss goals are not met at the end of the 12 week period, the process will need to be started over. This means another 12 week program is started to continue losing weight. This may be frustrating to someone who has large amounts to lose, because they do not see an end in sight and may feel the urge to give up.
  • Can Gain Weight Back
    If the program is started and not completed, there is a very good chance that any weight lost will be gained back. This is also true for those that complete the program but don’t continue with the healthy eating. The risk is there to gain the weight back and possibly more.

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