Body for Life for Women Diet Plan: Sample Menu

According to Body For Life For Women creator Pam Peeke, fad diets will almost always create a situation where individuals lose weight only to regain it back. This is because fad diets often deprive a woman’s body of nutrients and food that are essential for its well being. Due to this, eventually, everyone is going to fail on a fad diet because it eliminates all the pleasure of eating while also restricting your body of essential nutrients. Unless women relearn their eating habits, add physical exercise and change their mental outlook, then they will continue on this cycle of losing and regaining weight. The eating philosophy for Body For Life For Women is to eat the right foods, in reasonable portions, the majority of the time.

Foods to Eat

The meal plan for Body For Life For Women is designed around body mass index and exercise. Women who exercise an hour a day, should eat five servings of lean proteins, two servings of fruit, two servings of whole grains, one serving of starchy vegetables, five servings of nonstarchy vegetables and two servings of healthy fats a day. For women who do not exercise daily but have a BMI under 25, they need to reduce the proteins to four a day and the fats to only one serving a day. For women who do not exercise and have a BMI above 25, they need to eat five servings of protein a day, two servings of fruit, one serving of whole grains, one serving of starch vegetables, five servings of nonstarchy vegetables and only one serving of fat.

When on the Body For Life For Women Diet, Peeke recommends eating three meals a day, plus two snacks. Eating should be spaced out approximately 3 hours apart. Below is a sample menu for the Body For Life For Women Diet.

Meal Plan

Have ½ cup of oats cooked with ¾ cup of skim or soy milk. Add ½ scoop of protein powder before cooking oatmeal. Top cooked oatmeal with ½ cup of blueberries and 5 to 6 walnut halves.

For a morning snack, enjoy a 6 oz cup of low fat yogurt with 1 medium banana.

For lunch, enjoy four cups of salad greens mixed with 4 oz of tuna. Top this salad with a homemade salad dressing composed of 2 tsp olive oil with 2 tsp vinegar.

For an afternoon snack, enjoy 2 reduced fat string cheese sticks with 10 baby carrots.

For dinner, cook 4 oz of salmon. Serve salmon with 4 steamed spears of asparagus, ½ cup of cooked carrots and ½ cup of red bell peppers.

For an after dinner treat, enjoy 1 cup sugar-free pudding prepared with skim milk and 1 cup of fresh fruit.

The above meal plans supplies you with six portions of lean protein, one serving of whole grains, two servings of fruit, five servings of vegetables and two portions of healthy fats.  Enjoy this meal plan, combined with exercise, to maximize your weight loss while on the Body For Life For Women Diet.


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  • Matt

    I always found that the best diet plans for women are those that reduce sugar from your diet. So basically greens with some protein. Many innocent looking items can be filled with sugar so you have to watch out. Like a bagel has over 8 tsp of sugar! I wrote some diet recommendations on my site for those who are interested:

  • Sherry

    Body For Life for Women isn’t a diet plan and what you see above is supposed to be suggested eating style to use in conjunction with the weight lifting and cardio plan. The focus of the book/program is the exercise routine, not the diet plan.

  • Amy

    Sherry obviously hasn’t actually read the book or caught on to the “MMM” (mind, mouth, muscle) principle mentioned in the very first chapter of the book.

  • Julie

    I am allergic to any sugar substitutes. I have a reaction of blinding migraines etc. What other recommendations do you have to replace the sugar free stuff ?