Body for Life Diet Pros and Cons

The Body For Life diet was created by Bill Phillips. It is a diet and exercise program that promises to help individuals lose weight while still maintaining muscle mass.

Pro: Eating Constantly

On the Body For Life diet, dieters eat 5 to 6 small meals throughout the day. This means that most people will be eating nearly every two hours. This design is to prevent dieters from feeling hungry.

Pro: Cheat Day

On the Body For Life diet, dieters are allowed to have one cheat day per week. During this day, dieters are allowed to eat their favorite foods, but Bill Phillips still recommends that these individuals recognize portion control and hunger signals.

Con: Supplements Recommended

In Bill Phillips’ former career, he was the owner of EAS supplement company. Due to this, individuals are a bit wary of his promotion of supplements. On the Body For Life diet, Phillips at times recommends that individuals consume supplements instead of meals. These supplements include shakes, bars and ready-to-drink beverages.

Pro: Exercise Program

To help facilitate weight loss and increase muscle mass, the Body For Life diet has a substantial exercise program in addition to the meal plan. On this plan, individuals will workout for 45 minutes doing strength training three days a week and will incorporate three 20 minute cardiovascular sessions a week.

Pro: Well-balanced Diet

The meal plan on Body For Life is fairly low in calories and fat but high in protein and whole grains. Dieters will eat plenty of fruits and vegetables on this diet. There are no strict lists of restricted or allowed foods. Dieters will be able to personalize this diet plan to their individual eating habits.

Con: False Expectations

If one visits the Body For Life website or looks at any of Bill Phillips books, then their expectations may be unattainable. Phillips has before and after photos of individuals that are extreme. Individuals should expect to lose up to 2 pounds a week on the Body For Life and should not set their expectations to be a body builder by the end of this diet. These expectations may be impossible to achieve for some individuals.

Pro: Well-Rounded Diet Plan

The Body For Life incorporates several aspects of healthy dieting–eating a well-balanced meal plan and including daily exercise. If an individual eats a balanced diet in addition to working out six days a week, then they should experience weight loss and overall body toning. This philosophy of eating right and moving more is recommended by most physicians.

Pro: Building Muscle Mass Equals Weight Loss

By promoting strength training, a high-protein diet and an overall increase in muscle mass, individuals will be able to increase their metabolism rate. A pound of muscle burns more calories per day than a pound of fat. This increase in muscle will increase the fat burning process and individuals should lose weight faster.

Overall, the Body For Life is a well-balanced diet that should lead to weight loss for most individuals. This diet may not be for everyone. For individuals who are physically unable to commit to the exercise routine, then do not consider the Body for Life diet.


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