Body Fat / Water Scale – Analyzing Your Results

There are a number of ways to measure weight loss progress and one of them involves a body fat water scale. The most commonly used methods are the scale and a tape measure. However, there are other body fat readings to consider.

By exercising, an individual will lose fat weight and gain muscle weight. This is beneficial since muscle burns calories faster. However, this change will not be reflected in the bathroom scale reading. It will actually show a weight gain not loss. Other methods of measuring the fat to body ratio include hydrostatic weighing and a body fat meter.

Hydrostatic Weighing

Hydrostatic, or underwater weighing, estimates the average density of the body by determining the total mass or weight of the body and dividing it by the total volume. The total volume of the body is determined through the displacement of a known volume of water in a tank or pool. The individual is submerged and required to exhale all of the air out of the lungs. A person with more body fat will not only weigh less underwater, but would be more buoyant. When performed properly, this measurement is extremely accurate.

Body Fat Percentage Scale

Calipers are devices used to measure the thickness of skin folds at various parts of the body. The body fat percentage is calculated using some basic mathematical tabulation. This is a highly accurate method for determining body fat loss. Calipers and scales that measure body fat hydration levels and compare the reading to the body fat water chart are available on the market. One such scale is a BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) body fat analyzer. This device measures the time it takes for an electrical current to pass through the body, assuming that water conducts electricity better than fat. It measures not only the amount of fat, but also the amount of water in the body.

There are many devices for measuring the amount of fat in the body. Since muscle weighs more than fat, it is entirely possible that after all of the fat is lost, the individual may weigh more than when he or she was overweight.


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