Blood Type Diet: Three Banned Foods

The Blood Type Diet is outlined in a number of books by Peter J. D’Adamo, one of which is “Eat Right 4 Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy, Living Longer & Achieving Your Ideal Weight.”  He argues that your blood type dictates your body chemistry. There are certain foods that may be healthy for one person to eat, but will not bring optimal results for the next person with a different blood type.

This diet classifies individuals into four blood types: O, A, B, and AB. Each blood type has a list of foods that fall into three categories: highly beneficial, neutral and avoid. Individuals are directed to choose foods from the highly beneficial and neutral categories. Foods in the “avoid” column are banned foods in that they create an acidic condition in the body. They are to be avoided for the most part and only consumed once in a while.

The blood type diet argues that highly beneficial foods will create an alkaline state in the body. In doing so, these foods act as medicine and create a sense of balance in the body. When the body is balanced, it metabolizes foods properly, creating greater health and a more ideal weight. The banned foods, however, disrupt the balance in the body, interfering with health and ideal weight maintenance.

Banned Foods for Blood Type O

Those with blood Type O do not have a high tolerance for whole wheat products. They are to avoid gluten. Dairy products also do not agree with the Type O. With the exception of very few dairy options (e.g., feta cheese, mozzarella and goat cheese), Type Os are to avoid all milk and yogurt products. There are also a large number of beans that this blood type should avoid, such as kidney beans, navy beans and lentils.

Banned Foods for Blood Type A

Type A does better on a vegetarian diet and should avoid all meats from the diet. Also, there are particular types of beans that decrease the production of insulin in Type A. These include garbanzo beans, lima beans, navy beans and kidney beans. Although most fruits are beneficial for this blood type, melons, cantaloupe and honeydew are more difficult to digest for this type because of their potentially higher mold count.

Banned Foods for Blood Type B

Although Type B can eat many kinds of meats and seafood, there are a few types of meat that disrupt the digestive system. Those include chicken, all shellfish, goose and pork. Type B is the only type that can make good use of dairy foods. The only exceptions are American cheese, string cheese, blue cheese and ice cream. A third category of foods better avoided by this blood type are certain types of nuts because they interfere with insulin production. These include cashews, peanuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

Banned Foods for Blood Type AB

Type AB blood does not produce enough stomach acid to digest meats properly. The recommendation is to eat meats in moderation and avoid meat types such as beef, chicken and veal as much as possible. Dairy products are generally well tolerated by Type AB. Those best avoided are American cheese, blue cheese and provolone. Certain beans are to be avoided because they slow down the production of insulin. These include kidney beans and lima beans.




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