Blood Type Diet: 6 Foods to Avoid for Blood Type AB

The Blood Type Diet was created by Dr. Peter D’Adamo to help individuals to become healthier, age gracefully and reach their ideal weight. The basic premise behind the diet is that your blood type determines how food is metabolized by your body. D’Adamo outlines specific foods to avoid based on your blood type. These are the foods that interact with your blood in such a way that leads to an acidic condition. When the body becomes too acidic, it can lead to a range of health problems.

The AB blood type is thought to be more complicated than the other blood types. It combines some of the vulnerabilities of both the Type A and Type B blood types. Here are the specific foods that an individual with Type AB blood should avoid.

1. Meats to Avoid

This blood type does not have sufficient stomach acid for digesting and metabolizing animal protein. Meats to be avoided by this blood type include chicken, beef, ham, pork, veal and bacon. Recommended protein sources are lamb, rabbit, mutton, turkey, tofu and a wide range of seafood.

Chicken is especially problematic for this blood type because it contains lectin in its muscle tissue that can potentially lead to autoimmune disorders. Turkey can be used to replace chicken as it does not have the same effect.

2. Dairy Products and Health Issues

Individuals with Type AB blood are prone to mucus excess. If this is your blood type, watch for sinus attacks, respiratory issues or ear infections. In that case, you may want to cut out specific diary foods such as butter, American cheese, whole milk, provolone cheese and Parmesan cheese.

3. Type AB Blood and Wheat Products

Type AB individuals should limit their consumption of wheat products. This is especially the case if weight loss is an issue or if you are prone to mucus production. Occasional consumption of wheat products is okay. Better replacements include rye, rice and oats.

4. Fruits to Avoid

Although most fruits are healthy for this blood type, a few should be avoided. Mangoes, bananas and guava, for example, are on the avoid list. Oranges are especially forbidden for this blood type because they irritate the stomach. Grapefruits may be eaten in place of oranges; they have an alkalizing effect in the body after they have been digested.

5. Vegetables to Avoid

Type AB individuals may eat a wide range of vegetables. The ones on the list of foods to be avoided create an acidic condition in the body. The specific vegetables to avoid include avocados, lima beans, radishes, artichokes, green peppers, red peppers and yellow corn.

6. Oils to Eliminate

The highly beneficial oil for this blood type is olive oil. The oils to avoid include corn oil, cottonseed oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil and safflower oil. The oils that have a neutral effect on the body for this blood type are canola oil, peanut oil and linseed oil.


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