Black Rice: Health Benefits of the Darker Grain

Black rice isn’t the traditional white rice you grew up with. It has a sweet and nutty taste similar to brown rice. This uncommon but attractive rice is a great alternative to white and brown rice. Although it’s named black rice, its color is actually a deep purple. It’s also called the “Forbidden Rice” and is used in the Chinese culture. When you want to make a change in your cooking, choose black rice. The health benefits of the darker grain is worth the change.


The antioxidant properties of black rice come from anthocyanins and vitamin E. Anthocyanins fight disease and cancer in your body. It’s also found in the raspberries, blackberries and blueberries you eat. This antioxidant is the reason these types of foods are dark in color. In black rice, the antioxidant is found in the bran. Unlike white and brown rice, this antioxidant is easily absorbed in your body. 

Vitamin E is an essential nutrient needed in your body for healthy hair, nails and skin. You can use this vitamin to treat heart disease, cancer and a great number of other conditions.

Reduction of Cholesterol and Heart Disease

Black rice is cholesterol free. Cholesterol is a leading cause of heart disease. It’s naturally found in your body. It’s only unsafe for you when you consume large amounts of it. Cholesterol clogs up your arteries and blocks the blood flow to your heart. Clogged arteries also lead to heart attacks and strokes. Healthy grains, like black rice, help prevent cardiovascular disease by lowering high cholesterol. It’s a great way to enjoy a cholesterol-free diet.


Black rice is a good source of iron. Iron keeps your red blood cells healthy. When your iron is low, you experience anemia, which means your red blood cells lack sufficient oxygen. Anemia makes you feel tired and weak. Iron-rich foods help you maintain a good blood supply.

Source of Protein

Although you get most of your protein from meat, there are other ways to get this nutrient. Black rice provides a healthier source of protein. You need protein for your muscles, red blood cells and other functions of the body.


Black rice is rich in calcium and helps build strong bones. As you age, your bones can become brittle. They lose the strength they had in your younger days. As a woman, you’re especially prone to bone disorders such as osteoporosis. Keep your bones strong by adding enough calcium in your diet.  

Healthy Carbohydrates

Unlike the carbohydrates found in cakes and other sugary foods, black rice provides complex carbohydrates. You body uses this type of carbohydrate as a source of energy. It’s easily stored by your muscles and is used when you need it. This energy helps you exercise and lose weight.

No Sodium and Sugar

If you’re on a low sodium diet, then black rice is a great food choice. This beneficial rice provides 0g of sodium. It also provides 0g of sugar. Foods high in sugars increase your weight.

Black rice is the newest super food being introduced to you. Enjoy the benefits of this darker grain.


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