Bite Size Candy: Does It Help or Hurt Your Diet?

Bite size candy is not necessarily a healthy or unhealthy option for you as you attempt to lose weight. Rather, it depends upon how bite size candy compares with what you’ve eaten previously. As with other foods, the most important issue regarding bite size candy and its relative effects on your diet have much more to do with the amount of candy that you eat than with the content of the candy.

Generally speaking, bite size candy is not a healthy food. It tends to contain a high level of sugar, extra calories and lots of fat. It may also contain high levels of sodium. All of these items are best avoided while you’re on a diet. However, many people find that they are able to better control their food intake if they switch to bite size candy. Therefore, the relative healthiness of this type of food is dependent upon you and your habits.

Potential Benefits of Bite Size Candy

If you’ve previously been used to eating full size candy bars or other larger quantities of candy, bite size candy may be a good middle step for you. It can be very hard to completely eliminate candy from your diet, and many people cannot successfully move straight from larger desserts and candy to healthier snacks like fruits and vegetables. If you find that this is the case, switching to bite size candy bars first may be a good way to take advantage of smaller portions while you wean yourself off of those other, less healthy items.

If you have issues controlling the amount of food that you eat, bite size candy bars are a great choice. Because they are individually wrapped, it’s easy to keep track of exactly how much you’ve eaten. The nutrition information on the label of the candy bar will help you to maintain accurate ideas of how many calories, how much sugar, sodium and fat you’ve consumed. This is preferable for many people over alternatives like candy that you eat by hand or that comes in bulk. This type of candy is much harder to quantify and much more difficult to control in terms of the portion that you eat.

Potential Risks of Bite Size Candy

Because bite size candy is smaller than other types of candy, it can be easy to get carried away and to continue to eat a large amount of it. Because it still does contain fat, sodium and sugar, it’s not a healthy option. For this reason, many people feel that it should be eliminated from a diet altogether in order to achieve maximum results in terms of weight loss.

For more information about making healthy diet choices and picking foods that will benefit you, ask your doctor or a nutritionist for advice. Some types of candy will be healthier than others, so shop around.


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