Bite Size Candy: 4 Guilt-Free Varieties to Love

If you’re looking to lose weight while still enjoying the bite size candy that you love, you may need to limit your intake to certain specific types of candy. While some candies are full of sugar, empty calories, fat, sodium and other potentially unhealthy ingredients, others are surprisingly healthy and can be a wholesome part of a successful diet plan as well.

Finding guilt-free bite size candy oftentimes has more to do with the amount of candy that you eat than with the food itself. As is the key with any weight loss program or diet, the best thing to do to be successful in your attempts is to monitor the calories that you ingest as opposed to the calories that you burn off. Healthier bite size candy can ensure that you don’t ingest as many calories as you would if you ate other types of snack food, which in turn can help you to lose excess weight that you’re trying to burn off.

1. Hard Candies

Hard candies are among the best guilt-free bite size candies for a number of reasons. They are low in fat and sodium. While many are full of sugar and calories, others are made in low-sugar or sugar-free versions and are much healthier to eat. Additionally, because they take a long time to dissolve in your mouth they will help to satisfy your sweets craving for a longer period of time than your average small chocolate bar. You’ll therefore be able to better control the portions that you eat, and in turn, stick to your diet successfully.

2. Dove Dark Chocolate Squares

If you would like to eat chocolate candy but also wish to remain on a diet, one of the best things to incorporate into your meal plan is dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has less sugar and consequently fewer calories than milk chocolate and other types of chocolate. Dove dark chocolate comes in small, bite size portions that are easy to control and manage. Additionally, dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and a number of other nutrients that actually can help to speed up weight loss in other ways as well.

3. Starburst Candies

Starburst candies are surprisingly low in sugar and high in certain helpful nutrients that can aid in maintaining proper health and weight. Vitamin C, vitamin A, and several other important nutritional elements can be found in these candies. They are bite sized and are therefore easier to manage in terms of overall portion size and control as well.

4. 3 Musketeers Candy Bars

Relative to most other candy bars, 3 Musketeers bars are actually quite healthy. While they do provide a number of calories and sugar, this type of candy is much healthier and lower in fat and sodium as well as other harmful components in comparison with other types of candy. Ask your doctor for more information about selecting these candies for a healthy diet.


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